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    2003 R9 Braz. vs 2019 R9 Braz. What do you choose?

    You can find the info by contacting Gibson. And there’s no one person with all 12, they’re owned by various collectors out there. I’ve met the owners of 4-5 of them but not sure who owns the rest. They are like needles in a haystack.
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    SOLD: 2019 60th Anniversary BRAZILIAN R9 - Duke Burst Lookalike!

    I just know it was part of a special run of 10 or 11 60th Brazilians for Rumble Seat Music. It was a very small number made in early 2019.
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    NGD 2019 59 60th Brazilian

    I'm the guy who sold that guitar last. It was sold to me by the original owner, and then I sold it to another guy who I think visits the forum but not sure if he posts or not. I do have his contact info but I don't know if he'd sell it or not. It is an amazing Les Paul - a little dark sounding...
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    NGD: Tom Murphy painted 90’s burst

    That top is smokin. Looking forward to the outdoor pics!
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    SOLD: 2019 60th Anniversary BRAZILIAN R9 - Duke Burst Lookalike!

    Funny this old post is still getting attention. It really was an amazing guitar!
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    NGD: Tom Murphy painted 90’s burst

    I think I remember this exact guitar. I was eyeing it up for a while too. Congrats. And MOAR pictures!
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    “Downgrading” From an R8. What Should I Look For?

    Dude, as someone who has been through a ton of Les Pauls looking for “the one”, you will kick yourself HARD if you sell that R8. You will miss the quality and the sound, and finding one you bond with is actually pretty hard, so if that guitar suits you and you love its sound, do yourself a favor...
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    Found one like the one that got away.

    Ah ha! You’re the guy who owns it now! I forgot your handle but I knew it was someone on the forum. I’m just glad you’re appreciating it. Great guitar. Beyond the deep woody tone, there was just something about the feel and playability of it that just fit me like a glove and I think it even made...
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    String Change Frequency

    I got a bad string from Pyramid once too. They immediately replaced the entire set. I wouldn’t avoid them because of one string glitch. I mean, I get it, but Pyramids are the best strings out there, hands down. They last forever and have a feel and sound you just don’t get with other strings...
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    Thread of interesting/unusual tops!

    This is my 2018 Brazilian R9 in dirty lemon. It was the craziest/most interesting top I had ever seen up to that point. I still haven’t seen anything quite like it since. It’s probably my favorite guitar overall. I put zebras in and it looks even better.
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    NGD: 60th Anniversary 1960 V1 LP Standard

    Holy crap, that top is amazing. My favorite kind of flame.
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    So bummed out!

    I bet you anything that’s what caused it. GC and Gibson ship their guitars fully tuned up to pitch, so full tension. Most dealers selling high end Les Pauls that I’ve bought from detune the guitar before boxing up, and it’s something I always do before shipping a guitar and I’ve never had a...
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    HM Regrets?

    You’re right, you’re not gonna get exactly what you paid, but let’s say you get a used R9 for $4K, you spend $4250 for the deluxe package, and you could probably get $7000-7500 for it afterwards, with the Brazilian board and a killer aging job that puts Gibson’s aging to shame. That’s a bit of a...
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    HM Regrets?

    That’s a beauty. What did you have done, the standard or deluxe package? And is that their green lemon finish? That’s my favorite of theirs.
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    Found one like the one that got away.

    My first R9 was a Brazilian I bought in early 2018 - I had an R7 since 2003 and avoided flame tops because I knew it would start the addiction... and it definitely did. Anyway, it was amazing - it just had that special something that made it fit like a glove - and still has one of my favorite...

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