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    Tascam Model 24

    Hey there, are you satisfied with the Tascam Model 24? Thinking of buying one myself..:acoustic: Cheers from Sweden :cheers:
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    Thanks a lot mrdannyboy, 3 tubes, They arrived today, sorry to say I had to pay 23$ in taxfee. Everything outside EU, annoying, Very good packaging and so..thanks again. :acoustic:
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    Do you mean the Miniwatts? I don't know.
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    Could not resist those glassy tubes. I have some Philips miniwatt and liked them. I have a JCM 800 4104, right now equiped with V1 - RFT ECC83 V2 - Mullard ECC83 V3 - Tungsram ECC83 Very curious about Amperex and will roll them in :slash:
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    I would like to buy a pair.
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    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

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    Post Your Telecasters! Here's Mine...

    Fender JV Telecaster TL62-65 CAR -84
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    The ES335 is best non Les Paul Gibson ever

    Gibson Trini Lopez -66
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    Telecasters With Binding

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    Telecasters With Binding

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    RIP Ed King

    R.I.P Ed!
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    Where are the Goldtops ???

    Gibson Les Paul CS R6 Lightly Aged (-12)
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    Long strings for Trini?

    Well, why do you think I ask? And you're wrong. o_O Ernie Ball Regular Slinky was too short, E1 reach just about to the stringpost. So, no answers here..I ask the one who sold me the Trini. D'Addario XL 11/50 (EPS515) 1 inch longer :slash:
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    Long strings for Trini?

    I need to change strings for a Trini with Bigsby. What brand of strings are suitable with extra length?
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    I love ES Guitars

    Gibson Trini Lopez -66

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