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    I can’t hear you

    If Braille is next, will there be different dot sizes for different cup sizes?
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    Vegans Become a Protected Class

    How many of them drive? Or ride the bus? Or fly? Or do anything with fossil fuels? Isn't that animal use?
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    Allow Myself to introduce... Myself

    Welcome aboard!
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    More PC bullshit

    Does the NAACP cover different kinds of brown people or am I still excluded from their club? And while I'm at it, not every black person living in the US is an African American, so people need to quit saying that. Dipshits.
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    Describe the last crap you took with a movie title

    12 Years a Slave Now You See Me About Time A Good Day to Die Hard
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    Describe the last crap you took with a movie title

    Constipation (hasn't come out yet)
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    SONY enters the car manufacturing market now?

    Right Meatwad...I'll save some cash by drive a Sorny.
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    My wife.

    Thanks for a great read Dole! Makes me think of my wife and how awesome she is. I was in the market for a new ride late last year and I've always wanted a Nissan Xterra. I found a 2010 that I loved for a great price and sent the link to her. She asked if I liked it (I'd sent her quite a few...
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    Have we reached peak lazy?

    In the defense of some, it could be a long way to the ocean.
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    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Glorious Kwanzaa!

    And whatever else you might celebrate to all my brothers & sisters at MLP! Almost done working for the day so my internet surf time is waning. Wishing you all happy times and if you have to work tomorrow, double pay!
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    Holy Cow!

    I tried asking a bunch of LGBTQ questions. Couldn't get a straight answer.
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    "I Quit Smoking" - The 2020 edition.

    You quitters are awesome. No matter the reason for quitting, it's a milestone in your and your loved ones lives.