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    Will it be necessary to wait for the lacquer to cure even though I won't buff it?

    Try steelwool 0000 for a matte finish but experiment first
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    Frozen tone pots

    Someone turned them too far. Wife, child, you? :shock:
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    Suitable padding for a guitar stand?

    On a standard rack I wrapped cotton bartape for roadbikes to protect the shellac and nitro from contact with any rubber with softening chemicals in it. You could use that over the plumbing isolation
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    Acoustic pickup question

    You could have used a Seymour Duncan Woody and connect a wireless transmitter to it and place that inside the guitar. Very easy to install and remove and no need for drilling out the guitar for a jack.
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    Epiphone || Showcase your guitar...

    Do you have a before photo, with gloss?
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    Epiphone || Showcase your guitar...

    Yes, I only bought it because of the subtleness. I don't normally like "burst", all my acoustics and classics have natural cedar or spruce deck
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    Epiphone || Showcase your guitar...

    Epiphone Ultra I with gold hardware
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    celluloid inlay material

    If you only need small pieces, look into picks, f.x. Fender Heavy. I just ordered some for my fretboard dots on my 1947 ukulele restoration. Some pickguards are also announced as being celluloid. For white, you can dissolve tabletennis balls and pour it into the engraving or into a mold.
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    celluloid inlay material

    Check if the fumes are poisonous. I know by experience that they irritate your eyes and throat badly.
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    celluloid inlay material

    Ask museums with old celluloid films, they are extremely flammable. In my youth, we used to peel celluloid of bike handlebars and use it for smokebombs, by igniting it and then blow out the flame.
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    So bummed out!

    Or thrown!! Yes, the head with tuners is very heavy and not supported at all in the case. On top of that, the neck is supported just where it is weakest. It's like a man falling on his back on a table, with his head over the edge.
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    In praise of katalox..

    No of course not, I just thought that you might have tried on a piece of scrap, just out of curiosity
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    In praise of katalox..

    I know but how does it look with oil? Maybe like ebony?
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    In praise of katalox..

    It has it's name against it. I thought it was an artificial "wood" like richlite or HPL just from the name ;-) Does it "ping" just like ebony? Do you have a photo of the wood after oiling?

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