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    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    I’d just like to point out that importe is something that in general make both sides of the transaction better off. It allow the purchasing side to focus its resources on efficient local industry, while still satisfying its demand. The selling country gets larger demand quantities for their...
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    Buying a new 60"s Standard . Anything different in 2019 and 2020 ?

    The first 5 digits serial numbers on the guitars made in 2019 follows 1xxx9, whereas the 2020 follows 2xxx0, where xxx is the day of the year the neck was stamped or something. For instance 10339 refers to the 33rd day of 2019, which would be February 2nd.
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    10-year Forecast

    I think economists are pedantic and pretentious and believe they can explain everything through economics. Naturally I became one and obviously I’m going to use economics to rationalize everything. Economics predicts that 1) people respond to incentives and 2) endowments matters. Put simply...
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    10-year Forecast

    I don’t know if that was directed at me, but if it was I took no offense. I mean, as a Brazilian living in the US for over 1.5 decades, I’m used to not fitting into preestablished tribes. It’s nothing against Americans, I married one and I find the majority of Americans I crossed paths with warm...
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    10-year Forecast

    This just confirms what my grandfather, who got me into jazz, used to say, that good music is imortal. I’m biased for Led Zeppelin is my favorite band of all times and Jimmy Page is my favorite Jimmy, but I think they help shape the music that followed.
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    Delete please

    BK the Mule are one of my favorites modern PAF recreations. So good. Really has a lot of definition on the neck position and doesn’t get muddy easily. The guitar is gorgeous. I like how there is practically no fade on yours. My Southern Fade has a bit more fading going on, but nothing too...
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    10-year Forecast

    I conjecture the exceptionally high prices of vintage burst due to combination of factors that I don’t see repeating. The obvious one is scarcity. However, I also think there is a bit o a bubble effect going on. Even taking into consideration the law of diminishing marginal returns and a...
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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Wow dude, how do you even find these listings? If you’re googling “sketchy R8 for sale”, I would maybe suggest a different word combination. In all seriousness, I wish you good luck on your hunt.
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    NGTD - Original Collection Les Paul Standard 50s in Iced Tea?

    I lived in Ottawa for almost three years sometime during my childhood and early teens. Thus, I know from experience that you’re probably just trying to be nice. However, please don’t enable my GAS.:rofl: This pandemic is making the acquisition pull so much stronger and harder to resist. Edit...
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    Gary Moore Tone?

    Peter Green took Gary More under his wing. Gary More ended up with Greeny, Peter Green’s guitar. Thus he had that out of phase tone going on. I’d echo @Bogmonster suggestion of looking into Bare Knuckle‘s PG Blues, which are out of phase pickups inspired by Peter Green’s tone.
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    NGTD - Original Collection Les Paul Standard 50s in Iced Tea?

    My word, that’s stunning. I wish these made it to the US.
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    NGD: 60th Anniversary 1960 V1 LP Standard

    Yeah I totally understand. I was secretly rooting for the R9, but hoping that you picked the one that suited you best, which after reading your post it’s crystal clear the V1 R0 was the right guitar for you. As for resonance and sustain, when I was shopping for a P90s guitar, I put a custom...
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    2014 and beyond Neck Shapes on R8 & R9

    I feel the necks have been slimming down over the years. Vintage collectors often criticized that the necks on 1958 and 1959 weren’t on average as thick as the average R8 and R9 neck. There were definitely years where it terms of neck depth measurements, there were no significant difference...
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    The Last 1%...

    I have a question about the ABR-1. I noticed that on some vintage 59 LPs, the bridge narrows a bit toward the posts, creating almost a point. However, others stay pretty rounded. Here’s two reissues, but I’ve seen similar thing on vintage guitars as well Were there two different shapes of...
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    NGD 2019 60th Southern Fade R9

    I know exactly what you mean. I have a 60th Anniversary Southern Fade R9. It has a very loud woody tone that I don’t get on any other guitar I own. It’s present even when I play it unplugged. Something about the midrange on this guitar is just very pleasing. Just enough to cut through a loud and...

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