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    NGD: 2019 Standard 50s Heritage Cherry

    I also noticed the neck profile a bit slimmer. It’s interesting because the profile on R9s have also slimmed down a bit. Vintage guitar dealers would often claim that the necks on 59s LPs were not on average as thick as the reissues. My Standard 50s and 2019 R9 are only fractions of millimeters...
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    Can I keep it Ma?

    Those acidental purchases are the best. The ones you just play the guitar to kill some time, but then the guitar is just too good to let it go. Congrats.
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    Disappointing day playing Gibson Les Pauls

    Your observation about the model year is very interesting, because it’s similar to what I’ve found. The 2018 and 2019 models released in the fall of 2018 (let’s call it 2018b henceforth), did not yield a very good sample from what I’ve played. There are some exceptions, like a LP Classic Player...
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    This is sad...

    That’s very true. And more to your point, his guitar’s finish is very checked. So it’s really hard to capture it in pictures. I’ve taken photos from a plethora of angles and none do justice to being face to face with it. To corroborate with your point even further, my first Custom Shop was a...
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    This is sad...

    Sorry for misinterpreting your tone and thank you for the explanation.We, guitarists are very passionate and can sometimes come off very strong and somewhat argumentative. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently pushing buttons. I totally understand where you’re coming from now.
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    This is sad...

    What’s with the attitude? Did I say something to offend you?
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    This is sad...

    Please don’t take this the wrong way. Please go on, start. I’d agree with you that there are discrepancies that are unavoidable. For instance, luthiers in the 50s had a much wider selection of woods to choose. That’s in part why guitars from the 50s are on average lighter than the average...
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    This is sad...

    Can you elaborate why you believe it to be silly to compare it with Page’s guitar? From what I saw the top on his guitar isn’t super well matched. I kind of dig the quirkiness of a top that isn’t matched to perfection.
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    This is sad...

    This is Jimmy Page’s #1. I think some of the tops on the new original collection Standard 50s and 60s resembles Jimmy Page’s guitar. Keith Richards’s Les Paul on the other hand has a much flamierand symmetric matched top.
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    NGD 2017 Traditional Desert Burst

    Here’s how my former 2017 Standard T looked The center on the 2017 Bourbon Bursts were darker and more brown than usual. As an aside, I should not have dug through photos of that guitar. Now I miss it, lol.
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    NGD 2017 Traditional Desert Burst

    That’s cool about the back. Also, the skinny neck was precisely the reason I parter with my Standard. It played like a Cadillac, but I much prefer the neck on the traditionals and the Standard 50s.
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    NGD 2017 Traditional Desert Burst

    I had a 2017 Bourbon Burst Standard T that resembled very much your guitar. It was arguably the most chameleon guitar finish I’ve ever had, in a very awesome way. You’d see drastically different colors depending on the angle and lighting. For that reason pictures can be very deceiving, but it...
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    NGD’s....3x is the “Charm”??!!!?!

    You’re absolutely right. Thank you for correcting me.
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    Original Collection GT P90's

    The new lineup is extremely good. I've already replaced a few of my guitars with the new collection equivalent. The GT with P-90s is what currently has my attention.
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    2019 Tribute (not Studio) and Classic Lite - honey

    How's the fretwork, specifically the fret ends, on your tribute? Both look amazing, by the way.