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    Fixed the pickguard clacking problem on 60th anniversary '59

    Nice guitar! I have a sheet of adhesive felt pads like these.... One of the first jobs I do is stick one or two of these to the end of that pickguard nut to stop it damaging the top. Has worked well so far.
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    Modifications to a REALLY weird guitar...

    Who else went :wtf: when the back was taken off? Genius really. Great video, thanks for posting.
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    NGD! 2011 Classic Custom

    Very nice. I almost like the case more than the guitar!
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    That is really, really, really nice!
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    New Esquire day

    Noice! :applause:
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    My Historic Makeover

    Yeah, I can't believe they covered that's stunning. One of the best I've seen. They did a great job. Hope you enjoy it for a long, long time!
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    Korina V Advise

    I got one of the Ltd Ed Korina V's dirt cheap because of a damaged neck/body join. Looked like this.... After I fixed it up I decided to make a few changes. Now it looks like this.... I even put Seth's in it!
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    New(ish) pickups in my 335

    Very sharp! :applause:
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    A Stratocaster?

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    54-ish Partscaster

    That looks great. In fact, it's almost a dead ringer for Buddy Holly's Strat. Here's a pic of Fender's reissue BH Strat....
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    Star shaped guitars

    Yeah.....Veeeerrrry cool
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    NGD: crews content

    Sweet. Lovely grain on the back!
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    Back in Black

    I haven't gone out of my way to get black guitars, but I do seem to have quite a few....
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    Gibson 2012

    Looks real from where i'm sitting.
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    Your favorite "other" Gibson?

    That L5S is a handsome beast!