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    EDS-1275 Input

    Guys, it's been 10 years!
  2. Paul46

    Would you buy this Reissue Forgot to add Wildwood Spec

    Not a fan of those faded bursts. Looks like they ran out of paint.
  3. Paul46

    Painted headstocks, like 'em?

    Only on Jazzmasters.....
  4. Paul46

    The Only Parts That Are Stock On My Les Paul Are...

    Haha, it's mad isn't it? Everything got swapped out for what I perceived to be 'better'. In reality, the 'improvements' probably only exist in my head!
  5. Paul46

    The Only Parts That Are Stock On My Les Paul Are...

    The only stock parts on my Standard are the strap buttons.
  6. Paul46

    RIP Little Richard

    Always loved him from the first time I heard Lucille when I was about 12. RIP. Play this at full volume...
  7. Paul46

    Am I nuts to entertain this thought?

    I'd sell the custom and get a nice 6 string Martin or Gibson acoustic. 12 strings bore the hell out of me after about 5 minutes...and I have 2 of them!
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    My "Van Fire" Les Paul

    I'd have been super pissed off that the D string broke. I mean, all the others were ok. Did you complain to Ernie Ball? Seriously, fantastic save!
  9. Paul46

    2020's Gibson Les Paul Standard 50's finish issues

    I mean........seriously?
  10. Paul46

    LP classic with seafoam green OMG

    Looks good to me. 1100 is a fair price, but if you can snag it for 1000 you're golden.
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    Broken stud on Firebird’s bridge + help I.D mystery 68’ Firebird

    Never heard of Firebirds coming with 3 strap buttons. Mine didn't. People have added them over the years to try and make them balance better.
  12. Paul46

    Any one tried one of these?

    I had one, but traded it for one of these.
  13. Paul46

    NGD! - 1998 Gibson ES-5 Switchmaster

    I love those guitars. Officially jealous here.
  14. Paul46

    Epiphone LP neck pickup issue

    A can of contact cleaner should be part of the normal Epiphone case candy. My Crestwood and Sheraton both needed a few squirts when I first got them. Been fine since.
  15. Paul46

    Is this les Paul custom worth it?

    Looking at those photos I wouldn't even think about buying it.

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