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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    30 electrics, 2 basses and 3 acoustics. Only the one amp though!
  2. Paul46

    LP string buzz from poorly cut saddle. Please help.

    Gustavsson might be able to send you a replacement saddle. Worth a try.
  3. Paul46

    Ever See an Acoustic Les Paul?

    You have now!
  4. Paul46

    New burst day!!!

    Very nice guitar. Iced Tea is the best!
  5. Paul46

    NGD: Fender USA KWS Signature Stratocaster

    Looks much better with the new guard imo. Gorgeous guitar!
  6. Paul46

    Odd Duck '63 RI 335

    A 345 has different fingerboard inlays.
  7. Paul46

    Gibson es 330l wanted

    Since they came out in 2015 I've only ever seen about 2 or 3 come up for sale. Mine is a keeper, sorry! Best of luck finding one.
  8. Paul46

    My new Gibson Les Pauls pickup selector won't stay on Rhythm

    My Standard had this problem. Solved it by getting the shorter Switchcraft switch which has a longer thread.
  9. Paul46

    NGD - 1962 Silvertone Jupiter

    Off the chart cool!
  10. Paul46

    Gibson Custom Logoz Cover Don't Fit

    Looks fake. Compare it with the one on my R8.
  11. Paul46

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Gutted. RIP Charlie
  12. Paul46

    Murphy Lab Finish Repair - Not!

    Gibson should re-brand them Murphy's Law guitars.
  13. Paul46

    NGD: I'm within the return window 2013 R8 Iced Tea

    My R8 has high knobs like that. You could put washers on the underside to bring them down if it bothers you. Not being able to deck the tailpiece would bug me though.
  14. Paul46

    Restoring Ibanez 2350 (LP custom) headstock: Where to get correct logo?

    Sorry, can't answer any of your questions, but found this on the bay. Hope it helps a bit.
  15. Paul46

    Help with wiring my Telecaster

    A Seth Lover with 3 wires is a bit of a puzzler. Last time I looked they only came with either vintage braided or 4 conductor wire. Have you got a picture of the rear of the pickup?

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