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    Activity tracker

    ..all your history belong's to google..
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    Day-1 at the Beach… (the end)

    Wait..she is a Russian Oligarch ?
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    The Rock & Roll Pictures Thread

    G L....
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    Lake Mead Update

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    Yes Rox..he was lookin' for nice chica,,hmmmm...
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    Third one this year..very unusual to EVER see one.. I moved it. It was pisswd off.. hissing and spttin' but long handle shoveled it out to about 50' or so from wife garage..
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    eat bugs or you're racist.

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    Better Call Saul

    Netflix/ Been watching Korean flix dubbed.. Kingdom A Model Family Sysphus Squid Game Silent Sea (don't remember if I liked it) Money Heist was OK My Name (just started) Some great Colombian movies Escobar Queen of North others ..I'll have to check the others
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    WTF facebook

    FB always seemed like monkeys flinging feces at each other,,
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    Internal Combustion Engine, are it's day's numbered?

    Next up...Hydrogen..
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    Dude Wipes

    yeah..the add a bidet things are great.. I can't golf but I do like the ball washer things...
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    Absolute Heart Broken..Tragedy for our family..

    My son and his bride,, We celebrate her life this Saturday..which is also her 23rd birthday. Sorry but I do not post except three places here..a Hot Rod Sports car site and my Bears bros.. No FB, Insta, or any of that.. I was an only child..and it appears I maybe my family is so much to...

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