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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    I don’t think all Gibson guitars are overpriced but some are IMO. As someone mentioned, a nice Classic LP for less than two grand is a fantastic fiddle for a price that I can justify to myself and my serious hobby. On the other hand signature models like Slash I think there is a degree of name...
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    Usual question - which amp to buy?

    Thanks. i heard them SS and they sound teriffic, but I am a bit concerned regarding the alleged reliabilty record. I do take those complain with the grain of salt but still can't ignore them. My classic 50 is very reliable but would like to have another option next to it.
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    Usual question - which amp to buy?

    Thanks mate. Do you use it for gigs?
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    Usual question - which amp to buy?

    Up to 1000 Euro (buying new if possible). Hendrix, Floyd, Purple, RHCP, Offspring, Mayer, Whitesnake, Nickelback, 3 Doors down, Kravitz, The Cult, . . . Not looking to replicate just to have the most versatile and improve with some pedals. Not big gigs, mostly 300 people. Thanks again.
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    Usual question - which amp to buy?

    Thanks for the opinion.
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    Usual question - which amp to buy?

    Hi all, Need some help with the choice, so hope you could chip in with some opinions. I use Peavey classic 50 mostly with pedals for gigs but have some money to bay another amp.. I was looking into some Fender, Marshall, Blackstar amps. Fender I like Blues Deluxe, somehow imo...
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    Was at the House today...

    I can see a strong will there. For how long:naughty:?
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    Was at the House today...

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Was at the House today...

    If that guitar is still in the trunk, would you mind sharing where you park your vehicle:naughty:? You hit the jackpot with that one. Just shockingly beautiful. Congrats.:wave:
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    NGD: Kossoff R9!

    Oh man :applause:.Amazing! You know it sounds likea dream just by looking at it. HNGD and have fun.
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    NGD: Fender American Deluxe Tele Thinline

    That is just stunning. GAS starting, got to run away from this thread. HNGD!
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    NGD American Standard Telecaster

    600 bucks is a steal. You had a great one there Sir. HNGD!
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    NGD: Custom Shop Blonde Mary Kay Strat!

    HNGD mate! Mary Kay is beautiful. Give her some love.
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    Are Ibanez Guitars Good or are they Junk?

    RG 550 is the one of the best Ibanez guitars ever made. Edge is (subjective opinion) the best trem and for certain music it is just a fantastic tool. It will serve you for many, many years. Amazing workhorse. This is from the guy that does not like basswood anymore. In general, IBanez, again...
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    NGD!! 2013 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

    HNGD:dude:. I found 2012 and later the best USA Fender strats I played and I played many. Still amazed that they managed to make such a great instrument and sell for that price. Future classics.

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