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    They absolutely are doing that. If you are under 60 yrs old expect a search request or dog "air" test.
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    13,800 feet up

    The goats are pretty mellow. The ram when the rut is happening, run. Dont square up lol.
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    Cannabis Prices Plummet

    I could give you a breakdown of costs, believe me you are so far off that number isnt even near, let alone on the map.:-)
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    Denver area guitar stores

    Any of the pawn shops around Broadway lol. Wildwood is killer, take all kinds of cashish though, like double what you think you should spend:-).
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    Cannabis derived seizure medication

    Not grown by scientists, at all. I'm absolutely not one, nor are the couple hundred commercial growers I know. Which is a good thing, because we actually care about the people and the product (well most do anyway).
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    Death o' the Dab??

    It wasn't the bho, it's that they're idiots. In 28 +years of growing and 10+ in mmj/rec I can say that is pretty whacked, and I have never witnessed anything remotely like that (nor has anyone I know/work with I'm sure, i would ask them but they are rough ************s and you dont open the door...
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    because he's a neighbor...

    Tow hitch is attached to the chassis, so if that bent IDK if the hundo is gonna do it lol.
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    Drones Beware!!!

    Because of the overabundance of KFC's? Good call. Gif was a jip, I kept waiting for a tomahawk to split that f'r, or Mel Gibson to pop out from frame left and claymore a bitch. Or for Jack Russell to throw a gallon or two of kero on flying dinner while blonde guitar player dude lights it up...
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    Ithaca NY/Thompkins County

    I worked/lived there for a few years. It's pretty decent for upstate NY. Ithaca/Cayuga heights, lakeside in t-burg or Lansing is good, but the further you get from Ithaca the faster you'll need to paddle. Do not go to a bar in Enfield called Cuda's. Ever. If you like ****ty weather you'll dig...
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    Legal Marijuana

    When it's properly dried and cured it does, no problem:-).
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    You think you can fish a river?

    The village of the damned field trip? You all look so apathetic lol. "Yeah, its a fish, big f'n deal"..
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    Peace on Earth - one of America's greats meets one of Great Britain's greats.

    Huge Bowie fan here (I cover a couple of his songs and I hate covers lol). Great vid, thanks for the reminder. A classic.
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    Your Other Passion?

    And I build Mopar Engines part time for a shop in Eaton, Co. I kinda dig it.:)
  14. '71 Plymouth Scamp (because Darts are for twinks)

    '71 Plymouth Scamp (because Darts are for twinks)

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