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    Out of hibernation - Yamaha SG3000s

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    If you had to pick three guitars to do "everything" which ones would you pick?

    I've already picked them. American Standard Tele/Warmoth neck. Yamaha SA2200 Guild Westerly D140CE
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    Out of hibernation - Yamaha SG3000s

    Yamaha and Ibanez Japan from the 70's and 80's. Gibson and other USA makers have never in their entire history offered anything in their league and almost certainly never will. If you own one you know and if you don't then you should be looking for one. 1983 Ibanez Artist AM 205.
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    Most beautiful guitar vs. best playing guitar you’ve ever had?

    Most beautiful and best playing. Yamaha SA2200
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    I'm a veteran guitarist, however I've spent my share of loads of money on each guitar. Are the squier classic vibes decent guitars ?

    If you're a veteran guitarists then I assume that you know that specs are specs and everything else is BS. :dude:
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    Top acoustic guitar at +- 1000$

    In the +- $1K range for me the best in show are Blue Ridge, Eastman and Guild. All solid wood Guild D140CE = $900 - $950 new.
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    How much better is a Gibson vs my Epi 1960s Tribute Plus?

    Given the state of Gibsons current and long term QC issues all things considered and depending on luck of the draw the Gibson may very well be inferior to your Eppy.
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    How Did You Improve Your Rig/Tone in 2021?

    Upgraded to a set of Duncan "Blues 59" pick ups on my Agile.
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    Kluson tuners replacement for 2014 Traditional

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    Les Pauls Hide a good way !!!....Do you agree

    Some folks think that Teles are unforgiving and Les Pauls let you slide. Come to think of it I just screwed up a couple of times typing this post maybe I need a different keyboard. On the other hand maybe it's not so much that I need a forgiving guitar as it is that I need to be forgiven.
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    Whats the downside to super slim neck thickness , seems most people like 50s profile

    I have no idea. They all feel the same to me. My Wife says that I'm insensitive. Maybe she's right.:facepalm:
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    Couch shot! Post your best couch shot

    i don't have any couch shots. Will an office chair do?
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    Which do you prefer for blues

    Yamaha SA2200
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    Do you think these defects are too much?

    If you can send it back and get one without those issues why would you not do that?:rolleyes:
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    Significant Tonal Improvement Changing Klusons for Grovers

    I did it and it didn't seem to make a difference on mine but when I swapped out the truss rod cover for a blank one WOW what an improvement.o_O

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