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    If you like guitars and guns ....

    It does help to eliminate hecklers: Papa
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    Vintage PIO Cap Comparison

    Have not tried the .015μF Russian PIO's yet. Just got some a couple of days ago. I recently obtained a ES-339. I will be re-doing the electronics some time this winter. I will be giving them a try. I have found that high quality/high tolerance pots paired with "vintage style" PAF pickups...
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    Vintage PIO Cap Comparison

    Yes, I test all potential caps in every guitar before installing them. (not all pickups respond to tone changes the same) To keep it simple, I use alligator clips: ..... Well, great minds do think alike. Not as pretty as some, but then again, I am just a hobby "tech": Les Paul Special...
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    May be leaving Epiphone Best regards, Papa
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    LP Classic Custom - China or not?

    My eyes aren't what they used to be....but..... I'm not seeing any nibs and the bridge posts look metric. Papa
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    Shielding a les Paul

    Thank you KenG .... You are spot on! For the benefit of others and as you obviously understand, it is called a "Faraday Cage". Just for the fun of it, Papa
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    Shielding a les Paul

    As stated.... I would first check and test all my grounds first to make sure that there are no bad connections. Still, in answer to your question, this worked for me. At stage volumes under florescent lights I was having a bit of a problem, too. A 1/2 pint of Stewmac conductive shielding paint...
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    First electric, is this static noise normal?

    Liverpool, Just a couple of thoughts. Sometimes....... You can connect a wire (about a foot or so long) under the nut on your input jack. Touch the other end to everything metal on the guitar. (Inside and Out) If the buzzing goes away you found your ground short. or.....use a multi meter if...
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    Try not to laugh too much...

    = my Papa
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    How to make my Les Paul play better.

    +1 Not suggesting you do it does help if you know what your options are. A few good tips here: Trade Secrets! | Hope this helps, Papa
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    Mod Question

    If they are imperial (ex: CTS) as opposed to metric (stock)....then yes. Papa
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    Super Cheapo NGD!

    Brian, Congrats! A good guitar IMHO is where and when you find it. I know that money can make a difference in terms of materials. However, I've never found that money (or much else) had anything to do with how a guitar plays. A good setup and accurate frets are much more important to me. Way...
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    Official announcement: Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Standard with Bigsby® Outfit

    Looks like a great gitfiddle. Just not my style. Papa
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    Grover Rotomatic Tuner Button Swap

    Never meant to indicate they do. What I said was that if you can change the buttons on the Kidney Style Rotomatics and you will have 16 or 18:1 tuners. (depending on the year) Actual Grover Keystone Rotomatics are only 14:1 ratio. Grover Original Locking Rotomatics (106 Series) 3+3 Tuners |...

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