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    2013 Gibson Custom R8 - Bourbon Burst - $3,000

    How much does it weigh? Thanks
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    Should i return my new Gibson? #2

    I see nothing. But you should return it and give up on Gibson. You sir are going over guitars with a microscope and not playing them. Is this a wall hanger? because the first time you play it a microscopic imperfection will appear and you'll be unhappy. My god man let it go or seek therapy.
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    New Standard VS Recent Traditional

    For those that have owned or own both what are your impressions of the differences between the two? When the new Standard was first announced I thought they were in essence the same guitar as the new Standard was released and the Traditional was dropped.
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    2015 Ltd Edition Gibson Les Paul Traditional

    I believe my guitar is from the same run. I got it as a "floor model" from Chicago Music last November 2017. It was new, not a single flaw. They were blowing them out for $1150.00! I did not see the guitar before ordering, just took a chance because of their friendly return policy. I have had 3...
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    Do you have a site for the tubes you are selling?

    Do you have a site for the tubes you are selling?
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    Hitler struggles to nail Steve Ray's tone

    "Don't worry analogman make a mod"
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    Hitler struggles to nail Steve Ray's tone

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    What are these blemishes on the surface?

    Seriously, I pity your significant other. Freckle OMG
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    MojoTone battling the flood

    Their phone goes immediately to voice mail advising they are doing everything to open. They said they will not be shipping anything before Monday the 24th. Damn I hope is wasn't too bad.
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    Best clean amp for pedals?

    Let me preface by saying my Late 70s Silverface Vibro Champ is the best I've had for home studio or living room use. I never did figure out what was meant by an amp for bedroom volume. I prefer to use my vibrato for other excursions in the bedroom. MY SF VC is completely stock even tubes except...
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    Best clean amp for pedals?

    +1 on the Vibro Champ
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    Do you wipe down your Lester after playing?

    No I always let her do that,
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    Did Jimi Hendrix ever play a Les Paul?

    Well this thread ended like a bean fart in a crowd,
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    Do You Prefer Reverb Over Delay?

    I have 3 delay pedals and one reverb pedal. If the amp does not have reverb and I had to choose delay or reverb pedal, I would take the delay. Years ago I had an original echoplex and that made such an impression on me i've always used delay ever since.

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