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    Import duty

    ouch! but you get free health care right?
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    baseball 2022

    Apparently that's the only fucking thing Manferd has done THIS YEAR since the lock out has now most likely pushed back spring training. He is a first class turd.
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    Import duty

    In the past I have bought a few things from Japan. Probably nothing in almost 10 years though. My son just bought an old (aren't they all) Leica M3 camera from a seller in Japan. I was surprised he had to pay a 10% import duty on the camera. I tried to research this in the US Customs very...
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    Lamborghini to bid farewell to combustion cars 2022.

    My 2001 Toyota Land Cruiser is paid for. The Best by far vehicle I have ever owned. On fixed income. So no, I don't have to do It. I'll wait until it's banned then maybe one of my kids might get me a used Leaf. I do have a battery leaf blower, battery chain saw and battery grass trimmer. So...
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    My tubes have gone on tour...

    hopefully no trains from LA were involved!
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    Fair discount from MAP pricing?

    I remember George. bought my 1st two guitars from him in 1972. An Aria acoustic which I still have and a Dan Armstrong clear plastic electric which is long gone. He was the antithesis of current guitar store conglomerates. and loud as hell everyone the store could hear his negotiations. A Titian...
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    Kindred Bursts - were original bursts ever this dark?

    shot with a freakin flash. looks like 4 mp camera. I don't trust any phone pics unless they are shot in natural light. and at 2 or 3 angles.
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    2021 R8 neck profile

    Thanks Duane, that will narrow my search pool.
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    2021 R8 neck profile

    Guitar Center Atlanta had at least 2 each new R8, R9 and R0's. I played a plain top lemon R8 and was very surprised at the neck size. It was more like a beefy R9. Very comfortable very playable. I had not picked up an R8 in quite a while because the profile was much bigger than I'm accustomed...
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    I'm Afraid The Strain was more than he could Bear.
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    Delete listings??? perplexed

    The old sold posts just clog up the classifieds. Annoying because sometimes you have to scroll down a listing to then see it's already sold. Now if the actual selling price was posted that would be useful for buyers and sellers to gauge the market. Ok I'll shut up now and go back to my room
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    jokes & funnies.

    Well they are now at $270.00 per pound. Can't they just go ahead and let the USA shop use the long tenon and fucking hide glue already?
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    jokes & funnies.

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't do it
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    jokes & funnies.

    Sweetvasser would charge more for that AAA top.

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