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    Post and tell us about your favorite historic(s)

    I have a few favorites. My 2018 R9 Brazilian and 2021 R9 Murphy have been getting a lot of playing time lately. While tone is probably the most important factor, All of my historics sound amazing although they do have their unique voice which is why I find feel and aesthetics also essential...
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    Significant Tonal Improvement Changing Klusons for Grovers

    You can say the same about climate change hysterics, religious and political extremists, etc. People believe what they want. At least Grovers vs Klusons is harmles. It hasn’t resulted in $5 plus petrol runaway inflation, and widespread suffering that occurs when a family has to decide...
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    Who's got a Murphy Aged 1999 or 2001 Brazilian???

    My 99’ R9 was a really sweet looking axe but very tight sounding. Tonally, it was one of my least favorite Les Pauls. It lacked that dry woody bloom that I consider a hallmark of great LP
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    What is considered Vintage?

    Vintage as a marketing term is meaningless. It’s like calling a food product “natural”. There is no criteria or standards associated with the designation vintage so any old piece of crap can qualify
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    2022 Greenie Speculation

    The only signed limited edition replica Gibson that might be worth 50k would be Jimmy’s #1 afaic. Not to disparage Kirk Hammett, but there are a handful of Iconic Burst players and he ain’t one of them. Kirk’s signature on an undoubtedly sweet custom shop guitar made famous by someone named...
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    Post a picture of your favorite iced tea top, reliced preferred

    Murphy painted I believe it’s called Tom’s Tea
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    Best year for 59 reissues over the last ~10+ years??

    Hi Dan, I guess given some of the hyperbole on this forum my facetiousness was not readily apparent. I was replying to those who swear this model, or that year is special. everyone wants to be special. lol. Frankly I think all post 2012 Historics share similar qualities and at that level...
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    Updating my small rant about Gibson pickups

    As I said, I had changed out the pickups in all of my R9s except for my last two Historic R9s: a 2020 Murphy painted and 2021 Murphy Lab, they sounded just awesome stock. The custombuckers were perfect imho.
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    NGD: ALLMAN #29

    Congrats. Gorgeous top and color! The aging looks sweet too!
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    Kindred Bursts - were original bursts ever this dark?

    I’d say this is an accurate assessment. The only Burst I‘ve seen that looks like a tobacco Burst is the Dutchburst. Don’t know the specifics of this Les Paul but it’s fairly dark.
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    Historic Changes 2007 to 2020

    Here are the backs of my my 2018 1962 Historic Reissue SG, my vintage 1962 Les Paul (SG), and my 2019 Gibson USA 61 SG. The only way you’s be able to tell which is which is via the body carve, the neck heel, etc. So please stop this mahogany BS misinformation.
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    Historic Changes 2007 to 2020

    Why are you insistent on spreading misinformation. First off that picture is an anomaly. Most Historic backs don’t look like that. None of my historic backs look like that and Anyone with scintilla of intellectual integrity would admit that fact. I’m sure if I looked hard enough I could...
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    True Historics vs Post 2020 Models

    The 2015 THs and post 2016 Historics are comparable construction and spec wise. The 2019 and later have upgraded pots and caps which can also be upgraded on pre 2019 historics for about $90. Other than that it‘s really about the particular guitar. As a general rule I prefer post 2012 Les...
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    Are the reissues getting closer to boutique & vintage?

    I think you have me confused with a certain US Senator.

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