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    What the actual F>>>>>>>

    16yo in middle school? Apparently not. He was getting a head though
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    What the actual F>>>>>>>

    Maybe she massaged his prostate while giving said oral sex
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    Car theft is still a thing??

    Convicted felons cannot be tow truck drivers in Florida
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    I need help

    recent country western movie. Made me laugh. My brother is visiting again and we wanna cuddle
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    Fix my dent. Not the local body shop.

    Dent Wizard
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    Horrible shit. I know 3 people who have od'd in the past year. Tragic
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    jokes & funnies.

    According to a bar groupie last night. I might have gotten her mouth pregnant. I was just thinking it was a hug
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    For those without kids....Common Core BS

    Floridas Gov just did away with common core. So we got that.
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    Peavey reactor truss rod tool

    12 point sockets are thinner than 6 point also
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    Hello America!

    They were pretty young then. Like 16 or 17
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    How do you guys do it?

    I bought myself a crockpot for Christmas. Just watch a few youtube vids. Pork butt with Dr.Pepper and a good rub. Amazing. Ribs with the same concoction. Awesome. I'm with Lt. Dave. 6' and 215. Let's eat
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    Adult Summer Camps?

    Wher4 do you live?
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    Would you hire an ex offender?

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    Horror-show lunacy

    Some guy was harassing two girls as they came out of a bar last night. He followed them and they jumped in a good Samaritans truck. Lunatic proceeds to follow them then overtakes the good Samaritan and two girls. Backs into them. Twice. Good Samaritan fires off 3 rounds and holds the guy at...
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    "Daddy, beat him up." Classic comedy from a show that sadly could no longer exist.

    I think the Simpsons were more controversial for the time