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    How to restore yellowed plastic parts.

    Some interesting information there! My H2O2 isn't very potent, it's just some grocery store stuff. Two days in sunlight didn't really have effect. Next step was H2O2 + heat. I tried 150F and this had a noticable effect! It did however also have a noticable effect on the shape and dimension of...
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    Please help

    On second thought, your guitar is beyond saving, better torch it.
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    Cream finish help.

    Nitro or something else? I guess when you mix it in the white and later when the clear also yellows with age, you'll get an even darker yellow/orange color than you would see on vintage guitars. I think you have more control when you mix it in the clear, to get that cream color it really is...
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    How to restore yellowed plastic parts.

    Small update. I tried bleach first. At first no noticable effect but after a few days in a dilluted bleach bath there is some noticable difference.I guess it's about halfway to the desired color. Heading to the store for some H2O2 now, hopefully I get better results.
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    Is this fake or a real 1998 Les Paul Custom ?

    Looks all good to me. Looks all original and in good condition.
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    Thirteenth Doctor: they've gone too far

    I kinda lost interest during the seasons with Peter Capaldi. The show had some good story arcs, some of which grew quite dark and philosophical, loved it though. With the introduction of Peter Capaldi they also went a new direction with writing, that to me felt more "easy to watch, wholesome...
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    Information on this guitar!

    Most special runs, including early reissues, had a different serial number format, even in those days. This looks like a regular serial number format to me. I've never seen full gold either. My first thought would be a refinish, but it is also possible it's a special run I've just never seen before.
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    1993 Les Paul standard help needed

    If you really want the thinnest neck Gibson offered you can look for a Les Paul Classic from the 1990's aswell.
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    1993 Les Paul standard help needed

    Bridge looks like an upgrade to me. Overall they're not so different from current day Les Pauls. I really don't know about the neck profile, it's something you need to ask the seller. At some point they started offering 50's and 60's neckprofiles (fat and slim), but I have no idea when this...
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    1993 Les Paul standard help needed

    Looks good, some changed parts though: frets, bridge, pickup(s). Maybe you should ask for the serial number so you can double check year of manufacture
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    It came from.... STORAGE!!!!

    Sorry, I had the impression you didn't know what exactly you have there. Just trying to help.
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    It came from.... STORAGE!!!!

    Looks like a typical "fake" (made in china counterfeit), made to look like a Gibson Supreme probably. Odds of it being a decent guitar are very small but you never know.
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    Real Gibson Les Paul custom or fake?

    It's not a Gibson so I would't waste my time to check it in person.
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    Any regrets relicing?

    I'd never pay to have a guitar reliced. A relic guitar is like a painting, you like it or you don't. If you pay for one to be made, you don't know how it will turn out. You dont give a blanc canvas to a painter and say "heres 3000 bucks paint me something nice" do you? You buy a painting that is...
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    MIJ Pickup Data thread

    What would we need to know for sure? Resistance value, magnet material? So unless the magnet is clearly ceramic, you cant tell from just looking I guess. What if the catalog says u-4000, is it possible?

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