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    F**k all of you!

    Don't over 50's do April Fools? *snigger*
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    50's wiring vs modern

    Wow, I give you points for patience, waiting so long to make the point! :rofl:
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    jokes & funnies.

    Only for portions of the world that can't register the date properly - that was 4th March!
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    You are wasting my Friday

    Hey I tried wishing everyone Happy Easter on Friday and (I'm guessing) the religious aspect got it nuked. Oh well, I tried lol
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    ...and can't aim.
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    Worst part is, they don't look like bullet holes...
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    F*** Facebook, Long live MLP.

    I only keep FB as that's how my bands get exposure. Especially in the
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    the canal blockage of 2021.

    And yet, no Ever-Est?
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    jokes & funnies.

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    the canal blockage of 2021.

    ^ wasn't that Edgar Allan Poe's vessel?
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    F*** Facebook, Long live MLP.

    Oh is that it? I thought it was Fornicating Bison.....
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    F*** Facebook, Long live MLP.

    Apparently linking this song on a post on FB is 'against community standards'. I wonder if they'll read my response. I wonder if they'll be offended. I wonder if I'll be excommunicated from the 'almighty'. :rofl:
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    Had a stroke

    Jeeze - good luck mate!
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    Who also plays bass?

    I learnt bass and then progressed to guitar. I do enjoy playing bass but haven't had an outlet for a number of years. Preferred bass is a Fender Jap PJ which was the guitar I learnt on - Dad still has it.
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    Has anyone here built a kit car? A Cobra calls.....

    So here's a quandry. To assist the budget I'll be parting with my Cortina and P6. There's a few jobs I'll do to the P6 to increase it's sale value which are no-brainers. I wonder if it's worth selling the Cortina as a project (complete but stripped for paint) or to invest the money I get from...

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