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    Greetings from Perth, Western Australia

    Hi from QLD! :)
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    More than just a Minnesota Thread....

    I hate it when politicians try to be the 'cool parent'. I want a statesman/woman who will get shit done, and make the country sit up straight at the table and eat their vegies....
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    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    If you say so pal. I didn't see anyone reference your amazing joke in that thread either...So I don't know how you come to that conclusion. You could always go back and re-write it in purple to be sure though. Were your posts in this thread also jokes? I admit I must be reading your posts the...
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    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    lol, calm down. I'm just telling you my experience - don't get so triggered. I didn't pick on you for not knowing the difference between Jim McCarty and Ted McCarty so just play nice, ok?
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    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    Exactly!!:applause: When you think about it, the 'butler' is just doing what a well-shaped nut is doing anyway. That's my take and my (genuine) experience on it. :band:
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    Sahara Dust Clouds to hit US

    It's just scrub getting in the way of agricultural progress.....
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    2020 Realization

    2020 could only be redeemed if Lemmy returned as the new messiah......
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    Late to the Party, again.

    "Day was fatally shot at his home on June 3, 1982. His son, his dog, and Garth McRae were also fatally shot during the same attack. The murder officially remains unsolved, although the Seminole County Sheriff's Office believe the victims may have known the perpetrator, and that the killings may...
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    2020 Realization

    Nope. No one is. 2019 and hopefully 2021 though :rofl: Each generation has it's good and bad days.
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    Chet's just killin' it!

    If you like Brian Setzer PLEASE check out Jim Heath AKA The Reverend Horton Heat! I'm a big fan of Jim's and have 2 Gretschs.
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    You found that on YT?

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    Anyone try a string butler on their LP?

    My Standard stays in tune wonderfully - usually for a whole gig until the last set when things get....well lets just say NO guitar will stay in tune after that. No butter required on a well sorted axe! EDIT: No butler needed either lol.
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    Late to the Party, again.

    Yep - all but Rusty Day I believe. He's off things.
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    Late to the Party, again.

    Different McCarty sorry LPN :)
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    Late to the Party, again.

    Just discovered Jim MCarty......Not literally, just his playing. Diggin' it tonight. It's always nice to find new old stuff. Good to see he's still going strong.

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