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    Tom Brady’s Wife Hires Divorce Lawyer Amid Marital Problems:

    oh come on. it's not like he's sending dick picks to cheerleaders while his wife battles cancer, or stealing from a federal welfare fund to build a volleyball court.
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    Pumpkin Spice is for the trash, says Hefty. Limited Edition, get em while they last! Hefty has joined the craze, or are they sending a message? Hmm...
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    Protester at NFL game gets clobbered

    it was a gender reveal, thus the pink smoke.
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    Tom Brady’s Wife Hires Divorce Lawyer Amid Marital Problems:

    what's pete davidson been up to?
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    new Tesla bot

    that's not happening at mcd's in o'hare bro. i assume you haven't been to japan lately. they are a perfect example of how companies and entire countries eliminate the cashier. these jobs will be automated out sooner than you think.
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    new Tesla bot

    we already have kiosks at mcd's. why would we change back to people?
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    Oops! We ran into some problems. Response was not JSON.

    wow, that's almost my exact curtin rod.
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    jokes & funnies.

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    new Tesla bot

    looks like @SteveC was wrong about who's gonna be making the fries.
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    jokes & funnies.

    you need to hear the audio to this.
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    RIP Loretta Lynn

    amazing talent and woman in general. RIP LL
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    jokes & funnies.

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    NFL 2022-23 Reg Season

    what's the T minus on Gisele being photo'd with Pete Davidson?
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    new Tesla bot

    mr nail, meet mr hammer.
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    EVH or.... Rik Emmett?

    no worries, no harm and no foul. i didn't mean to attack your claim, only to correct it. i love all bands involved in discussion here. :D

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