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    8Bomb Custom PAF clones

    Hello. I recently came across this dude on YouTube. A very detailed approach. What do you think? He also makes PAF pickups. Maybe some of you have already tried his work? It would be interesting to hear feedback from real users. I'm going to buy a PAF set from him.
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    PAF replica question

    We also raised the question of pots yesterday. Centrallab no longer produces potentiometers, so almost everyone uses CTS, but it turns out that they also have subtleties. Unfortunately, most of the old Centralab potentiometers that appear on the market do not work adequately. I was advised to...
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    PAF replica question

    Hey. Thanks everyone for the info. My searches have just begun, but have already yielded some results. Of course there are hundreds of pickup winders, but now I want to understand the quality and authenticity of their work. So far, virtually))) I probably have a long way to go to try some of...
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    PAF replica question

    Hello friends. Now there are a lot of different PAF replicas on the market. Which one does he prefer? What do you advise? Maybe the manufacturers of such replicas were compared. There are a lot of videos on YouTube, but I want to know the opinion of users. Or maybe any of you have compared...

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