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    Upsized Les Paul? could even make a "double neck" version so you could play like your favorite dead "guitar hero" ... As in not at all!!! Now you to can play just like Hendrix DOES!!!!
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    Upsized Les Paul?

    My 1993 les Paul weighs about 11.5lbs ,and I totally see how a 25lbs les Paul would be great!! Who couldn't benifit from extreme back pain , just think of the possibility of young man buying a "classic guitar " when he's say 19. Now with the new "bigger" body he to can be "classic" himself...
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    Anyone score one of the Adam Jones Les Pauls?

    Someone scored 13 of them , someone better tell bonamassa to track them down
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    Anyone score one of the Adam Jones Les Pauls?

    I dont understand the price , cant you have a custom made the way you want it for about the same?
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    Kalamazoo vs Nashville plant

    Lol i seen this ad yesterday , poped up on my phone as if I just have 8k laying around for a guitar .
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    Cleaning up the muddy tone in my Les Paul Supreme? [SOLVED]

    Well simce im a nice guy and feeling generous and ypur not getting the tone you like ill go ahead and take her off your hands , you can pm me for address and pay shipping of course lol. ...i noticed nobody mentioned possibly removing the bridge cover, would this not also help? Only asking...
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    Good Wood Years?

    Still , the "good wood" is only slang and dosent refer to actual wood , but to better quality and production.
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    Good Wood Years?

    I know this is an old post , but I own a les paul from the good wood era and have been trying to find out all i can about the "good wood" era . And from what I find it actually has nothing to do with wood or forestry or any of the crap posted in this thread . What it actually refers to is the...
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    Adam Jones sigs stolen during shipment

    Still think its funny nobody is stealing slashes Gibson copies of Gibson's
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    Marshall jcm800 .

    Im kinda stoked to get to mess with it and see what all the hype is about.
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    Marshall jcm800 .

    No actually i didn't . Thanks man.
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    Marshall jcm800 .

    So as some of you may know I recently traded a Marshall G100R CD 100 watt head and matching 4x12 slant cab for a wine red 1993 Gibson les paul studio and a G30R CD 30 watt Marshall combo to my neighbor. So this weekend I'm going over to my neighbors to jam on the halfstack and probably a 1970...
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    What does your les inspire you to play?

    No doubt , and best answer yet by far lol
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    WTB: Best Gibson LP for $3k a 1993 les paul for $150 , and probably wouldn't trade it for the one you would pay $3k for. Just saying its not about price , but feel and sound. It is a musical instrument after all and ment to be played.
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    Pickups and hardware.

    ...great , now i wanna watch some monkey's reruns lol . You guys look like ypu have fun man. I wish I could find some guys to jam in a garage with around here

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