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    Amp P$&n Thread….Amps are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Park 75. It's a '73 and is an absolute BEAST. It's a cross between a JMP50 and a Super Lead at 75 watts. Meaning, it breaks up at a lower vol like the JMP50 and is loud like a Super Lead with a bit more head room than the JMP 50 and with the gain of a metal face. It's awesome to behold!
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    Favorite pic of your #1

    It's a tie, my '01 R8 and '52 Std
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    Original Bursts w/ Chevron Flames

    Hard to see but at least one of these would fit the bill....9 1785 is the first one and the second is a 58 and 59. Pics came from Gil, of course, maybe in the late 70s or 80s. My R8 sort of lines up The below right R9 is close too
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    NGD: 1965 ES 335

    Nice, congrats!!
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    Show us your Les Paul Junior

    '63 LP Jr
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    Next Gibson Les Paul After 20 +yrs

    I don't know what you want in a guitar. For me neck size, weight, tone and a distant fourth place is what it looks like. I've bought many guitars over the internet and have only returned two. It's easy to establish neck size and weight, tone is subjective. A few of the things I look for is...
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    Let's see your play-worn Lesters!

    70 years later.....
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    CTS pots to replace original pots?

    +1 to the above, also I would get paper in oil caps, something like this from a MLP vendor: When MSSCs was still in biz I bought a number of similar harnesses for my RI...
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    Customs are the best Les Paul’s

    Love me some customs!
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    1952 Les Paul. Should I buy it? (I bought it)

    FWIW, and you may already have your answer, but I have had a mojoaxe on my '52 for over 10 years and it works great. No intonation issues at all and the guitar plays like butter, especially after a refret. The original frets were pretty low.
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    The Making of a Gibson Custom Guitar

    I've seen that one, good video thx for posting it!
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    Custom Pickups

    Reach out to the boutique PU guys and speak with them about what you're looking for. After conversations with Lindy Fralin & Jason Lollar both offered to make me pickups and both said to return them if I didn't like them. Lindy made me a single coil humbucker pickup set for a strat and Jason...
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    LP Special P90 Build

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    Southworth guitars

    I heard about that story! Gil said he just sent one to a customer and gave him the party hole instruction. I have two of them and on occasion, used a splitter and doubled my pleasure with essentially 4 amps going at the same time. It's a bit of a science project but fun to do.

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