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    HSS Pickup Pickle

    Sorry for late reply guys. Thanks so much for the advice! I think I'm pretty set on the Dimarzio Super Distortion for the bridge, the thing sounds great. I'm also really liking the idea of the Hot Stack in the neck position. still unsure about the middle position, possibly a SSL-5?
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    HSS Pickup Pickle

    I'm in a bit of a pickle about what to do with replacing the pups on my (relatively) new Jackson Adrian Smith SDX and I'm looking for some input from people who have a lot more expertise than I. Here's where I'm at; The guitar has a Floyd and it's pretty much made for metal/hard rock and I...
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    Metallica early ticket sale's today Yeah or nah

    Unfotunately I was one of the few that had tickets to see them in Copenhagen on the 5th of this month on the show they cancelled due to James' ill health I was and still am absolutely gutted. Especially considering I'd flown from the UK to go. Guess I'll have to go back in September
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    Aren't Ghost Swedish?
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    The new Star Wars film will be...

    what if Rey just flat out kills Luke within the first few second on that Island? Star Wars written by George RR Martin
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    What are you guys practicing right now?

    been playing Catch the Rainbow a lot lately but really struggling to retain the knowledge outside of playing along with Guitar Pro. Other than that I'm feeling pretty stale at the moment and need something new to learn.
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    Favourite 'Amp In A Pedal' thread

    my absolute favourite pedal of all time and the one pedal I think I couldn't be without is the Ramble FX Marvel Drive I've had mine for years now and I use it for pretty much everything. I can run it hot and play old school metal on it and get rock tones for days! My favourite tone I can get...
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    The Trio is a pedal so I'll put this here

    I've managed to get mine to do a pretty good 'Comfortably Numb' backing track to solo over. I really like mine and for someone who doesn't play in bands, it's helped me a lot when it comes to solo improv
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    Quick Floyd Rose question

    So I've just buggered up the thread on one of the hex screws on the locking nut of my guitar. This is the first guitar I've had with a Floyd and the first time I've had to buy replacement parts. I know there's different models and from what I understand screw sizes etc can vary? Anyone...
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    New Metallica Coming Soon

    apparently Kirk has no writing credits on the album because his phone got stolen/lost which had 'years' of material he wrote for the album
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    New Metallica Coming Soon

    James is angry again!!!!
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    Quick EMG/ wiring question

    Ok so its wasnt the bridge ground because I just disconnected it and nothing happened
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    Quick EMG/ wiring question

    I recently bought an Epi Korina V off someone who had installed a set of 85/81 EMGs in it. When I got home and plugged in I noticed that the neck pickup is full power and exactly how Id expect it to sound but the Bridge pickup is very quiet and very low output. Ive used these pups in other...
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    That Pedal Show Enthusiasts?

    I love it always found it odd how Mick talks to the camera most of the time and Dan just stares at Mick lovingly and talks to him instead of the camera haha

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