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    SOLD: '96 Les Paul Special

    Nice one, pretty slim neck? My preference is for 50's though.
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    SOLD! 2006 Gibson Custom "G0" 1960 Les Paul VOS

    I have a 06' G0. My necks kinda in between a 59' and 60'.
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    I Love Me Some Old P90s Nailed to a Slab of Mahogany - 50's Jr + Special content

    Beauties! 2 of my bucket list guitars as well. Congrats!!
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    help identifying this 50's junior (and introduction)

    Looks like an early 54' to me? The high E side of the bridge is pretty close to the pickup. Similar to my own 54'. Including the grey tiger if it's original?
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    70-80s Yamaha Super Rock 'n' Rollers

    Double post
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    70-80s Yamaha Super Rock 'n' Rollers

    I had one about 10 yrs ago. Very heavy strat type, big u shaped neck. All the parts were non standard size, from the neck plate to the bridge, pickguard, pickups even fender japan stuff, gotoh stuff wouldn't fit it. It was ok but not my favorite. I also got it because it was cheap :) I'd opt for...
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    FS Smokin set of THROBAK zebra MC-102B MXV pickups

    Take me to the top
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    FS Smokin set of THROBAK zebra MC-102B MXV pickups

    PG-102 set is sold 2. Throbak mc-102b zebra, no covers. 7.7k neck UA5, 9.1k bridge A4 ZEBRA. $325 OBO SHIPPED LOWER 48. I frequently get requests for a low resistance neck, higher resistance bridge vintage spec. PAF pickup set. So when one day a customer requested a set PAF humbucker repro set...
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    WTB: Early 80's Burny Tailpiece and ABR-1 Bridge

    Frank to the rescue..
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    Mojotone CTS Vintage Taper 500k Pots

    These are great pots. I started using them instead of the RS pots last year. I love the taper and feel. I heard of them, before they had them listed on their website. I just wonder if there similar to the CTS 450g pots 30% taper with dish backs. Out of a dozen I only had one that measured below...
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    2001 R9 Stunner - $4400 with 2 sets of pickups

    Well, I'm a standin' on a corner In Winslow, Arizona Such a fine sight to see It's a girl my Lord in a flat-bed Ford Slowin' down to take a look at me Read more: The Eagles - Take It Easy Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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