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    Norlin Prices Climbing, How Far Will It Go?

    Many still haven’t got their tax returns yet. May go higher.
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    Scammer here

    I was contacted by Bimp also.
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    Locking tuners post is very low - would you accept this?

    I was going to install a set of Gotoh SG360 locking tuners on my Ibanez RG. When I did, the tuner post is very low. The (online) dealer says it's fine, you only need one string wrap anyway. Eh. Would you accept this? The difference between the base of the original tuner to the bottom of the...
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    Florida - again

    And it eats other bugs so really, this seems like a good thing.
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    I really want to retire

    I’ve been thinking about retirement since I’ve been 25. I’m 50 now and I could retire. But I don’t think that would be good for me because honestly I don’t know what I would do all day. My mother was “retired” by her company who she worked for since she was 18 years old and It did not do her...
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    Scrap your old car for public transport credits.

    This reminds me when my kids say “you’re old”. My response is “at least I get to die before you”.
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    Boost Pedals........

    I had an EP boost clone and was very noisy. Sounded great though. Is the original the same?
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    Better than what is now considered pro wrestling.
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    Whats the deal with PRS guitars?

    I have a core Custom 24 and it has a sound close enough to a LP to me. I don’t hear a lot of strat in it, but I don’t like traditional strats anyway. I think the Custom 24s are more like a LP and super strat mix.
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    Did Norlin Customs ever come with chrome hardware & cream?

    Here’s a direct link
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    Did Norlin Customs ever come with chrome hardware & cream?

    It’s a sunburst. Or clownburst.
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    God damn cancer

    Prayers to you. My mom died from “widespread “ cancer. Now my dad has it.

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