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    How many Guitars (total) are in your collection, right now?

    Two. Exact same guitar - one in E and one in Eb. Like Einstein and his wardrobe, I just want to not think about which guitar and focus on learning.
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    The Bezos Bears, at Amazon Stadium, Arlington Heights Illinois? Oh shit.

    Chicago Amazons has a nice ring to it.
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    No reason for vintage price

    Nah. This is OLD WOOD:
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    epi vs Gibson. Maple vs laminate?
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    Anyone watching Rivian stock

    Maybe. But with interest rates near 0, where else can you put your money?
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    Be it Right or Wrong.....this is a story.....

    Good riddens. The dad should be set free, and a statue placed in his honor. But, seeing the state he’s in he’s probably screwed.
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    The Truth About North Korea

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    Toilet Paper and Bourbon

    Fake news. This has been going on with sports cards, action figures and comics for years.
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    Ugly top Lazarus?

    Greenies owner is another story.
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    some marshall dsl 40c love

    I have 2. One with a Creamback one with a greenback. I love the crunch channel. The red is ok. I’ve played around with different pre tubes and that helped some.
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    Do i only need 3?

    I was kidding. But Suze Orman would be proud.
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    Do i only need 3?

    But is your mortgage paid off? How about vehicles? Maxed out retirement plan? College funded for kids? My father would be so proud… :)
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    Does this look sketchy?

    One pic. $800. Nah. Nothing to worry about.

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