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    No whites or men allowed! (Marvel said so)

    She's hot, I'd just like to pull out her Adams apple and beat her about the head and neck area with it. No I mean, yeah great, wave your freak flag but stop poking people in the eye with it.
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    Actor Jan Michael Vincent died a month ago...

    I mostly remember him from the movie Hooper as the young up and coming stunt guy. It would be interesting to see that movie again. I hope he has found peace with his passing.
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    No whites or men allowed! (Marvel said so)

    I don't know how genitalia fits into that, but I'll keep trying.
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    New "fastest-car-in-the-world"

    What's wrong with being racy?
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    You people to the East

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    I hurt my back putting my pants on.

    It's worse than you think, I also hurt my back this morning in bed doing nothing at all, and so assume it was you putting your pants on, thanks a lot.
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    I miss this guy.

    I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the idea that Tom Petty and Prince are gone, just didn't seem like it could be possible. I think of them playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps together on a tribute to the also gone too soon George Harrison, the music world mourns with these huge...
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    Times Up CEO steps down, one guess why. :o

    So groping is out right, just want to make sure I've got the rules down.
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    What are your plans for the weekend?

    No plans but glad to have three days off to figure it out.
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    I need a remedy for an ear worm

    That's too easy. Tom Jones, there is no substitute:
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    Petition calls for US to sell Montana to Canada for $1T

    Hell no, we're not taking less than a buck three eighty.
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    Staging an attack: Well this would help anyone’s career.

    He had a good idea, he just went too far that's all, had he reported a beating by two midgets, three monkeys and a stray donkey instead, it would have been harder to fact check the story and that boat might still be sailing down that lazy river today.
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    Before the Internet

    Life since the internet has largely stayed the same, only now instead of using the underwear section of the Sears catalog or the back of the National Geographic, I go to a free porn sight where they show things that would have blown my head off my shoulders had I seen it as a kid.
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    Mike Tyson offered zookeeper $10K to punch gorilla in 1986.

    Did the exact same thing at the San Diego Zoo once many years ago, only I offered a more modest $10 to let the beast out. I won, but instead of it being the requested silver backed gorilla, it turned out to be a dodo bird, and not only that it turned out to be the last one on Earth. Oy Vey!
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    Netflix has em for a moment...Big James Bond fan, but It's hard to watch Live And Let Die.

    And don't forget about the great Dean Martin as "Matt Helm" another Bondy character, but both Flint and Helm were real swingers, they made James look like a square. And we know that James Bond hates the Beatles, you know Flint and Helm would dig the Beatles.