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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    Right, then it becomes a road apple.
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    Favorite documentary

    I think under any circumstances it would be very difficult to top BoB, even though it isn't considered a "movie" to me it's the best movie of all time, just one long 10 part movie. I just love BoB, and the way people treated each other back then, there was more concern for each other than people...
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    1917; Any of you history nerds seen this yet? Well Done! Bravo!

    The first modern merchandised war. I know that the way it ended was the seed for Germany to begin WWII. I also remember hearing an interesting story about the troops on both sides breaking bread on Christmas eve, and their commanders nixing that quickly believing that this would soften their men...
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    What are you dipping?

    Dip dip dip dip dip dip dip dip, num num num num, baoom sha na na na sha na na na na baoom sha na na na sha na na na na.
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    Yeah but here's the thing, even though I'm making this up, it takes an apple core 12 to 15 years to completely biodegrade.
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    Yes but not a stainless steel sink.
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    Another Kind of MeToo...

    When I was a kid in the seventies I can still remember my mom throwing shit out the car window like a finished apple core or something like that. I'd say to her, hey ma stop littering, and she'd always say "it's biodegradable" yeah but until it biodegrades it's called garbage! She throws out a...
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    Favorite documentary

    I found it on, the same place I found The Grand Tour, and I'm planning on watching it sometime. I read that it follows three different Marines from three different divisions, so the way they told the story is quite different. It's got a lot to live up to, BoB is my very favorite...
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    Favorite documentary

    I'm a huge Band Of Brothers fan, but there is another mini series about the other half of WWII called The Pacific that I have yet to see, it's on my list as some say it's as good as BOB. Have you seen The Pacific yet? If so what are your thoughts?
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    Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    Bummer, maybe he can start a new band called Kramersmith.
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    Have you dipped your gonads in Soy sauce lately?

    The only way you can test this theory is to have a testicle taste test with more than one item to test. Blindfold them paint the balls with Soy sauce, ask them "what is it" then maybe cranberry juice, ok what is this?
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    Tesla Wins, GM is Doomed!

    Just don't buy a Ford, Ford stands for Fix it again Tony.
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    The power of music: Woman puts an Elephant to sleep with a lullaby

    Taking a deep dive into Youtube I found the footage, it's quite amazing, the moment she starts singing the Elephant reaches out and pull her in to be nearer to her. It's quite extraordinary.