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    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    Unfortunately this will make no difference in the vintage marker. This proposal will only amend Apendix 2. Vintage guitars with Brazilian rosewood will still be protected as this has been the case since 1992 under CITIES Apendix 1.
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    Found a Gibson Les Paul Signature 70's, is it genuine?

    Regent sound on Denmark St currently have one for sale. They are asking 2k but they are having trouble sorting the electrics.
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    Les Paul Signature 70s, is it worth?

    Hi I've got one as you can see from my profile picture. I paid £2000 but ''tis also included a total regret and a total overhaul of the electrics. There is currently on in regent sound on Denmark street. It is priced @ 1800. This still has the original pickups. The pickup change will put a...
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    How to ship a guitar LEGALLY with CITES permits.

    The UK legislation is slightly more tricky to navigate. In the UK to sell an older or vintage guitar containing any Brazilian rosewood even in the internal UK market a further article 10 certificate is required. The article 10 certificate can only be issued for guitars pre 1982. In order to...
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    What is the heaviest Les Paul you've heard of?

    I have a 1977 Les Paul Pro Delux that is just shy of 14lb. Its heavy but im used to it.
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    do you think that they should make a les paul sig les paul?

    Just got my hands on a well played signature
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    Mystery- what is this (Les Paul)

    Just got one as a new project. Big job ahead
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    Just got a 1974 les paul signature Gold top

    Just got a 1974 les paul signature Gold top

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