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    Anyone A/B’d Hershey Bars, Pancakes and Speed Bumps?

    At first glance of the title, I figured this for another epic Fez thread that would stretch the boundaries of language and creativity. Never mind, carry-on. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
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    What Is The 1959 Les Paul Sound?

    I enjoyed the sound and playing on this video much more than the op's. Considering that not all Bursts sound the same, not all players play the same and not everyone's tonal preferences are the same, it is rather remarkable that we even have a common ground to discuss these issues.
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    Post Office Soy Boys (and girls)

    I would still trade your mail service for ours.
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    Have any of you guys heard from Frank?

    I remember when Frank was still into tube amps and we would talk about trading amps for loan periods. When he went digital, he was the guy that got me to really give it a go with an AmpliFire and then a Kemper. He was very passionate about his opinions but he would do anything for you if you...
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    LOVE that first Gilmour solo album! But if you want to hear a Strat with balls using some old school tech and some ass-kicking playing, here you go:
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    Atomic Amplifire 3 Amplifier and FX Modeler SOLD!!

    Changed my mind. I need to buy another guitar for a new gig and need to add to the kitty. You won't find anything that can touch the sound quality of this at this price. Thanks for looking.
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    Pickup Suggestions for Martin 000-28EC

    Thanks guys. I have decided against installing anything in the Martin. I will either have a mic in front of it or buy another guitar with built in electronics.
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    Pickup Suggestions for Martin 000-28EC

    Excellent! I am OK with all of that. That demo you posted sounds like a real guitar and not a processed, 80s pop rock, tune filler. Kudos!
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    Pickup Suggestions for Martin 000-28EC

    Thanks for this. I heard demos of this system and it was one of my favorites. How are the electronics attached inside the sound hole? I don't mind reaming an end pin and taping/gluing components inside the guitar but I would rather not take a drill/saw tp a nice Martin. I am not sure I even want...
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    NAD x 2

    What a great NAD! Those early 70s metal face Marshalls are rock machines! Put a good attenuator on it to set your level, jump the channels and crank the piss out of them to get the blend you like, then use your guitar volume controls to vary clean to dirt. It will sound and react better than any...
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    UFO Strangers in the Night reissued....8 cds Youtube link added!!!!

    One of the best live albums ever!
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    Pickup Suggestions for Martin 000-28EC

    Nobody else gigging acoustic guitars?
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    Three Stratocasters compared side by side - video

    Good demo but I didn't particularly care for the tone of any of them. If I had to rank them on what I like, I would probably go with: 1A. Player - liked the openess and top end, wish it had more lows, sounds like a good one to beat on and make scream 1B. Hot Rod - liked some settings better...
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    Gibson to buy Mesa Boogie?

    I still remember what happened 20 years ago seeing Gibson at an A/V contractors convention pedaling digital snakes and other pro audio gear. Hopefully this movie ends differently.
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    Songs That Changed Music

    I really like all of these videos you posted. For some reason, between those who stopped listening to anything after 1974 and those who won't listen to anything before Nirvana, the 80s are pretty much forgotten and as you pointed out, there was a lot going on.

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