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    Great Vid on Orange 'sound' and history

    Doubtful. The manager/owner was an older fellow in his 50s who looked like a big band leader. No way that guy was rocking out with multiple stacks. The other reason I think not is that all of the amps were new. It was an amazing collection in the strangest place you could imagine.
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    Great Vid on Orange 'sound' and history

    When I was in high school, there was this unassuming music shop in downtown Newark, NJ of all places. They had mostly band instruments, some pianos and organs and mostly knockoff brand guitars like Aria, Hondo and Lark. However, they had a back room that housed the greatest collection of Orange...
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    NGD! New Gretsch Day!!

    DeArmonds kick ass! I have a 5420T Anniversary that I installed TV Jones T Armonds in. They are designed to fit in a typical Filtertron cutout so I replaced the black top trons that were in the 5420. It just drips early 50s twang now.
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    VERY Interesting NGD

    Great story with a promising ending.Bill gets his guitar back and you get a Mockingbird! Back in the early 80s when Fenders and Gibsons sucked, everyone was jonesing for Charvels, Jacksons or Mockingbirds. The depth of your pockets often decided if you splurged on a Mockingbird. I always wanted...
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    AC/DC is the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever

    There should be a picture of Bon Scott in the dictionary under the definition for rock star. That guy was just born to front a rock and roll band.
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    Las Vegas Raiders?

    I am still used to the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams, St. Louis Cardinals, Houston Oilers and Baltimore Colts. Keeping track of all these relocated teams is about as easy as understanding Fezzspeak. :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh2:
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    NGD! New Gretsch Day!!

    Aye, this be your whale Ahab: It is a G6131T-62 Vintage Select. The Vintage Select series is Gretsch's attempt to be as true to vintage construction as psossible wityh just a few minor refinements like treble bleed caps and pinned bridges. They also come with TV Jones Filtertron recreations...
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    NGD! New Gretsch Day!!

    Congrats on your Gretsch. There will be more. :naughty:
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    Because, Florida

    I like the way you think! :laugh2: :cheers2::laugh2:
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    Bought a convertible in May.

    If you have the weather to really enjoy it, convertibles are such a welcome departure from everyday life. Even a short drive in a convertible with the top down on a nice day is like a mini vacation.
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    Pedals you haven't used or messed with for many years!!!

    I have a Mtcrovibe and an original Marshall Guv'nor that have been collecting dust. But then again, I was never a pedal guy anyway.
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    Hand cramps

    I have been prone to cramps in my picking hand more than my fretting hand. However, there have been some tunes that use a lot of bar chords in the firs 3 positions that have caused me cramps in my fretting hand. For my picking hand, I discovered that the problem had three primary causes: 1)...
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    John 5...Odd fellow but....DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Guitarists that master one or two styles are a dime a dozen. Anybody who can seamlessly blend, country, jazz, classical and metal into a single tune and pull it off without breaking a sweat impress me. John 5 impresses me.
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    tried a couple of expensive boutique amps

    Friedman's designs are pretty much modded Marshalls so if you know how to dial in a Marshall, they are pretty easy to get along with. Bogners have a unique voicing and unless you spend some time tweaking knobs and volumes, you won't get all they offer out of them.
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    tried a couple of expensive boutique amps

    What Monty said about the Shiva is true. It needs to be cranked a bit to hear what it really does and it doesn't need pedals. Also, Bogners are typically voiced a touch darker and thicker than most other amps. I tried a Runt once and did not care for it at all. It just sounded flat and buzzy...

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