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    Do any of you vape?

    Vaping is for fags, but more specifically millenial fags who now even have Vaping competitions.
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    Tulsa cop indicted for manslaughter

    Did anybody read the folder on the individual? Cops pull up, run the plates which cross reference multiple databases showing this guy is a bad actor for many years.the benefit of the doubt card was long used up on this guy. Tough titties.
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    Porn Is For Losers: Pamela Anderson

    After reading that I threw out all my pictures of her that I used when I beat my meat. Now I have a picture of *Mod Edit* Leave the politics/politicians out of this.
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    Stick is for heavy steel, mig is for thin to thick metal and aluminum. Lincoln, miller and maybe hobart. Stay away from the harbor freight stuff. If you really want to do thin metals, a tight setup is best, or a gas setup with a jewelers torch.some guys say better than tig. If you must mig...
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    Refugee machete attack in Germany

    Blindingly clear. The ignorance of Merkel is astounding. Within a generation the changes in Germany will be profound and irreversible.
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    Going to Chicago next week.

    Gene and Judes in river grove for a dog. Ask for ketchup to get yelled at. Johhnys char broil on north av river grove for a combo. Longish lines in both places. Papa Do's in Oakbrook for Cajun. Ditkas also in Oakbrook. Bring a lot of money for ****cago, but it wont be enough for them. Come...
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    Active shooter in munich

    I stand by my previous statement. Most are savages. Germany will regret the day they allowed that many muzziesi into their country
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    German axe rampage, 21 injured

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    German axe rampage, 21 injured

    Todays moderate is tomorrows terrorist.
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    coup in turkey

    Better than an islamist government. Isnt this like the 20th military coup in 40-50 years there?
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    There goes the neighborhood

    Call it what it is, and its clear what it is, and your a white racist cracker sum bitch. Just give em all a hug and dissipate that whole white guilt thingy all white folk carry.
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    Who has taken the A+ Certification test?

    Comptia Network +?. Prepping for that one myself.
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    Just Another Day in Florida

    Nobody retires in the south and moves north, this is truthfulliness.
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    Grand National

    Had a turbo v6 motor. I think it was a 3 year production run, final year was twin turboed. At the time it was about the baddest American car on the streets. Would stomp mustang gt, Camaro, etc. Everybody was jonesing to pick up a wrecked one to do a motor swap into a street rod or other cars.

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