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    Jimmy Page Les Paul

    I'll gladly pass judgement on that. ready? Pfffffft and phoooey
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    3D Printed Les Paul Junior

    I’ve been working on building an aluminum neck and had to go through 4 maybe 5 versions before I found something that would work. It looks like you’re way ahead of the game. You’ll get that neck Sussed out and it’ll be rad. Cat be cursed or not!
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    Vintage 1979 Dean Z Standard guitar. Hot Hero Sandwich? Remember?

    That guitar has neck binding.
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    Possible deal on a '96 Les Paul Special - Is it worth it?

    It’s all about how it plays/sounds. I’ve handled enough of the new tributes And found them to be all pretty dead. Light ?heavy? Didn’t matter.
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    Has anyone here been brave enough to mount wall hangers to drywall?

    If you do it right there’s ZERO problem. Screw in metal anchors are rated up to 100lbs each. They’re not gonna pull out if all they’re being asked to do is hold a guitar.
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    Les Paul Bass, but with a difference . . .

    Les Paul guitar scale as a bass? Not ideal. There are a handful of basses out there in that scale zone (Wandré for one). National has a couple super short basses too. Guitar scale just isn’t the best for string tension. Outside of that you shouldn’t have any major problems and maybe...
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    R8 With Over-Sanded Top

    Get some scrapers and make it right.
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    Gibson Loses Its Firebird Guitar Body Shape Trademark in The EU

    DOA limited edition gold top V! Love it.
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    Building a Sound Proof Room

    Yes. The washer and the rubber act to isolate the metal assembly from both structures. From their diagram, the rubber/washer isolates the new room structure from the part of the clip that attaches to the other structure. There are diy options to make this happen too. But they probably...
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    Where can I buy a "Les Paul MODEL" silk screen template?

    Completely totally true.
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    Building a Sound Proof Room

    Square rooms are really tough. Acoustimac’s prices are ok. Roxul mineral fiber is their stock option and one I wouldn’t recommend. You’ll be better off with rigid fiberglass. The roxul mineral fiber will shed through just about any porus fabric regardless of what they might claim. If...
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    SOLD: 1996 Les Paul Standard - Near Mint!

    That iceman in the background is what caught my eye.
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    Where can I buy a "Les Paul MODEL" silk screen template?

    I’ve done an absolute shit ton of multi color screen printing both in a well set up studio and in my basement. Both with fancy tools and by burning screens in the bathroom with $10 Home Depot light bulbs. The 10 minutes was time on the computer getting your type set and printed. If it...
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    Where can I buy a "Les Paul MODEL" silk screen template?

    Screen printing screens are actually pretty easy to make. Any art store will have all the gear you need. I wouldn’t be surprised if you could by a ready stretched screen in a small size for fairly cheap. The photo sensitive screen burning stuff works really well. So with a little...

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