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    BJ and a doughnut

    The title, I just had to look LMAO
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    Letting go of some choice SEALED record lp albums from my personal collection Beatles Bill Evans Lennon Beach Boys etc...

    Need firewood more then these at my age. These are collectible condition but you can be the FIRST to open an listen, can't get more minty then that These are all sealed record (vinyl) lps, all are still sealed unopened original copies unless noted otherwise. I have collected records since I was...
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    ig for affordable Explorer, V or 1990s Les Paul Standard

    I did not see any pics in your message brother. Phoenix? Are you a member of the Phoenix Audio Forum???
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    ig for affordable Explorer, V or 1990s Les Paul Standard

    Got a very early small diamond inlay version trans red Mockingbird ST "Slash" Edition so far, also looking for an Eleven Rack w/ Expansion pack for $250 shipped Still might consider a used V or Explorer if in $750 range, nothing broken/repaired. Definitely open to another Mockingbird ST w/...
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    ig for affordable Explorer, V or 1990s Les Paul Standard

    Hey brothers, longtime no see Title says it all, I have some extra cash and I really would like another guitar but its got to be affordable, yet no repairs or beat up Looking for Gibson Vs (NO recent B2) and Explorers. I also miss my 1993 plain top dark burst (tobacco) Les Paul Standard If...
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    Old member, new amp

    Hey brothers! Been a longtime since I have been round. Have health issues now so I am not so active these days on the boards Anyway, thought I would share my new amp: JVM 205H and a new cab. 1st time I have gotten myself something brand new in many years. I like the amp a lot but still have my...
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    Looking for 1993 or before tobaccoburst Les Paul Standard, plaintop is fine

    Hey brothers, long time no see, have had serious health issues last few years As title says, I am looking to replace my old Les Paul Standard. I am not rich so if your looking for big dollars, no need to reply. I do have a nice 2010 natural Explorer w/ gold hardware which I have had since new I...
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    'Shredder' Guitars Coming Back?

    I have had a few shredders since the 80s. Charvel's mainly but I had a Ibanez that was just amazing. I think it was a Custom Radius have to look for some pics of it. This old bitch will hang with any shredder though and being pure Honduras, light as hell
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    Think I'm Back Into Explorer Guitars Being My Favorite

    Still my favorite guitar
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    Tone Controls On Guitar. WHY???

    Sometimes you need the adjustable warmth/flavor a tone control adds be it in a rhythm or in the solo. Can't just walk over to your amp mid song to adjust eh? Volume control is sort of needed to
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    Do You Collect Records?

    Yep, I still have a pretty huge collection. Giving this a spin This be the beastie home system 515wpc (and a dusty Explorer)
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    Do You Collect Records?

    Yep, I stop in from time to time. Today is my birthday so I had to check in on old friends
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    Anyone use THICK picks, 3,4,5,6mm?

    .88s for me for the most part but I don't mind thicker
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    Gibson ‘running out of time — rapidly’

    I am in negotiations to buy Gibson, $1999 Les Paul's coming soon

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