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    NGD: CoolZ ZLS-1 in Lemon Drop

    Most of the Burny's in the late 80's and 90's were made by Dyna Gakki (who has a close relationship with Fujigen and are in the same city of Matsumoto, Nagano). Easiest way to tell is by the routes. I.E the control cavity on a Dyna Gakki Burny looks like this (from my Burny RLC75 John...
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    NGD: CoolZ ZLS-1 in Lemon Drop

    Indeed! I am a self admitted MIJ guitar snob - I only have Made in Japan guitars. 6 of them are from the Fujigen camp :cool:
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    Difference between Burny 1980s FLG-90, FLG-150, FLG-240

    当たり! ボディメイプル単板削り出しトップ、 マホガニー単板バック Says that it is only a single piece of maple, nowhere does it mention a veneer (although it may be, but it does not say that in the catalog).
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    wtf ...whatever ....someone else's view .....ten best of Nipon

    Even though Fujigen is on the list as a brand (which they are now), but they are also a factory that made the Grecos, the golden era of Fender Japan and even the early Fernandes Revival Strats (and Teles I think).
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    NGD: CoolZ ZLS-1 in Lemon Drop

    I don't think they are 2 piece bodies though (the History line is). Have to to look close, but I am sure mine is a 3 piece (they match up the grains very well). Not that it matters much to me. The neck is more 50's than 60's (chunkier) and does have a long tenon as most Fujigen single cuts...
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    NGD: CoolZ ZLS-1 in Lemon Drop

    Cool Z is perhaps the best bang for your buck right now. The brand was an original brand for one of the largest retailers here in Japan, Shimamura Gakki (little sibling of the History brand). They were discontinued in 2017. They are popping up in the second hand shops for some decent prices...
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    Binding separation problem on Japanese Orville LP Customs

    I have played a many Orvilles, Burny's, Greco black beauties over the years while browsing the local second hand shops here in Japan, I have yet to see this issue once, so I wouldn't think it is common. My 1999 Dyna Gakki made Burny RLC (John Sykes) does not have such an issue.
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    Best LP Custom for under $2000 used

    Not a lot with an ebony board, some will have a darkened rosewood fretboard (as my 1999 Burny RLC does). I have looked around here in Japan for a black beauty with an ebony board and have only come across one a few years ago and it was a late 90's MIJ Epiphone.
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    Another Burny pickup question. Expert advice appreciated...

    That would be ideal - not sure about the OP but my OCD wouldn't allow that ;):oops:
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    Another Burny pickup question. Expert advice appreciated...

    I am not sure about the pickups, they do look like they would be early 80's but I am not sure that they match the date of the guitar. It would appear that it is from 1998 based on the date stamp in the neck pickup cavity (June 1st 1998). Maybe the stamp is from 1988 - but from what I have seen...
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    Buy a Burny for the inlay?

    It is an urge that I am fighting for sure. 98% of this guitar is the same as one I already have, but that 2% difference (the inlay) is a strong urge. :D o_O
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    Buy a Burny for the inlay?

    Hi guys, I was looking around at a local second hand shop here in Japan last week and I came across a Burny RLC-65 - I am basing that based on the pickups in it (VH-1) and the headstock inlay (lightening bolt - with winged truss rod cover). It would appear that this was from the early to mid...
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    "MIJ" Bargain of the day!

    Not a lot of ToshI fans here I see LOL :cool:
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    NGD: Orville Les Paul Honeyburst

    Cool! It would be a Terada made Orville :cool: Beautiful guitar!
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    NGD: Orville Les Paul Honeyburst

    Is the serial number a sticker on the back of the headstock or is it printed on?

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