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    My latest Gibson (2018 Classic in Pelham Blue)

    Pelham blue and P90's - Yes!! Love the natural back on it too. Congrats!
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Here's my 2018 in vintage cherry... The unofficial 60th anniversary
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    NGD - ‘63 Junior w/ Vibrola

    You should be good with either a regular Gibson USA SG case or one of the more recent SG Jr cases. As long as you swing the vibrola bar back towards the strap pin. It'll clear without issue in either case (no pun intended)
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    One of those "help me decide" threads...

    I don't know if you'd consider a 50's Standard Iced tea, but there is a sweet one recently listed. Under 9lbs even!!
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    Market Price for R0

    Given the used prices your finding. It's kinda hard to go wrong if you can swing it. Either way good luck with your search. I'm sure you'll find the one soon.
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    Market Price for R0

    Found another one for $4498
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    Market Price for R0

    Don't know specifically what you're looking for, but guitar center has some on sale for $4699. Looks like they have them in 3 different finishes at this price.
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    NGD! 2013 Gibson Derek Trucks SG

    Beautiful SG!! Gibson had some really cool grained mahogany in 2013. Most of the one's I've seen with swirled grain like this are one piece bodies as well. I don't know for certain, since I only have my SG Original to base it on, but I think the swirly grain makes them a little bit heavier...
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Seems like a missed opportunity on Gibson's part. Not that I'm complaining, as it allowed me to get a better deal on my '18, but they could have easily done a '58 style poker chip and printed 60th anniversary in the COA booklet and charged an extra $6-800. I mean it's not like they had to...
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Very cool - Didn't know those existed. It's interesting that those have dark backs. Wasn't that a big feature/selling point with the 60th anniversary R9's?
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Many of the 2018 R8's were flame tops though. Maybe not R9 monster tops, but like you said '58 is one of the original burst years. And when have you known Gibson not to capitalize on even the smallest change in the historic line.
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    Used R8 with P90s from Guitar Center?

    If I squint real hard, maybe... :rofl:
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Curious, why didn't Gibson do an official run of 60th anniversary 58's in 2018? I seem to recall them doing a 50th anniversary R8, but does anyone know why they chose to forgo the 60th? Seems odd for Gibson to miss such an opportunity as they've clearly cashed in by doing all the various '59...
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    Used R8 with P90s from Guitar Center?

    Pics once it arrives will help. Gibson has done various special runs over the years and without a serial number its going to be hard to pinpoint. Keep in mind that GC is notorious for misidentifying used guitars on their site. As far as the pickups being original '56 - The baseplates of...
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    Les Paul Special Pawn Shop Find

    Don't let it get to ya... Gotta have a thick skin around these parts or you'll be eaten alive. :lol: $780 out the door, with an OEM hard case isn't a bad deal, nor is it the deal of the century. But most important, you're not going to lose money if you decide to sell it down the line.

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