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    Help with a LPR6 Goldtop

    Btw - Might want to flip the abr-1 around so it's facing the right direction.
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    Help with a LPR6 Goldtop

    Sorry, gonna have to disagree about it being a 2013, that's a 2003. It has a wired abr-1 - nut is corian - inlays are acrylic - tuners are green button 2003 style - ground bus wire is thinner than 2013. Now, is it brazilian? I dunno, it looks a lot like the madascar board on my 2003, but if...
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    Lukas Nelson LP Jr

    I know this model is spec'd with Alnico 3, but I thought Gibson was still using Alnico V in P90's? Did they recently change over to Alnico 2?
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    Lukas Nelson LP Jr

    I almost preordered ones of these from Sweetwater back in May, but once they told me the ship date probably wouldn't be until September or October I decided to pass. Now I'm seconding guessing that decision, thanks. :hmm:
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    Help with '59 Junior P-90

    To my eye it doesn't look like as sharp as some 58's I've seen, but it's not as rounded as the later 59's. Out of curiosity have you checked the pot codes to see if they are dated '58 or '59? Might help to determine a rough build date.
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    Help with '59 Junior P-90

    Can't really tell from your pictures, but does yours have the more rounded body edges or are they still sharp?
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    Help with '59 Junior P-90

    I know there are examples of '58 Juniors with 4 digit serial numbers and factory original soapbars under a dogear cover, so I don't see why it couldn't be possible in '59.
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    Les Paul Help in Identifying

    It has body and neck binding, so that rules out it being a Tribute.
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    NGD! 11’ R7 goldtop vos

    Congrats again! That looks great! Now it's time to play it in and make it your own.
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    P90s thoughts

    Did I hear someone requesting P90's with more bling? (No affiliation with KC vintage)
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    Does anyone make an output jack longer than 1/4" ? need one

    Another thing you could possibly try, plug the jack hole with a temporary dowel, and then carefully put a few drops of acetone around the outside of the washer. If it's epoxy the acetone should soften it enough to safety remove the washer.
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    Does anyone make an output jack longer than 1/4" ? need one

    Best option might be to carefully remove some material from the washer with a 1/2" drill bit.
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    R8 prices, years, colors?

    Realistic prices on R8's can range from $2300 to over 5k (if buying new) As far as a list of things that can affect pricing... That's a long list. Everything from flame top vs plain top, custombuckers vs burstbuckers, potted vs unpotted, nylon vs corian, hide glue vs titebond, TH spec vs...
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    R7 prices?

    Congrats on finding one. Be sure to post a NGD once it arrives. The waiting is always the worst! :Ohno:
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    Vintage truss rod cover

    And this right here, is what makes this forum such a great place.

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