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    Got a les Paul custom from my uncle and the serial number is scratched off??

    I have a dime can you send me a dozen Les Paul Customs :fingersx:
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    My "Van Fire" Les Paul

    Awesome relic!
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    Painted headstocks, like 'em?

    Painted Fender headstocks just look wrong. Maybe I'm a creature of habit.
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    The Definitive Top Carve Thread

    Daniel - Thanks for sharing. :applause:
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    Classic Gibson Les Paul Albums?

    Mick Box on early Uriah Heep albums.
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    1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom - No Serial #

    May you enjoy all three:cheers::applause:
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    Would You Own a 11 lb Les Paul

    If it sounds good eleven pounds would do.
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    Pickguard Bracket Screw Scratched My Les Paul's Body

    Cheers to the uncouth and "nekkid" ones :applause::cheers2:
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    Vintage LP Heaven: Play It Loud! Exhibit at The Met (pic heavy)

    Thanks for posting. :cheers:
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    R9 w/Sloppy Burst Job?

    After seeing the Premier Guitar Gibson factory tour video I understand why the bursts are all different.
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    This headstock
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    Epiphones Getting Gibson Headstock Designs Soon

    Epiphone's LP headstock gets a big thumbs DOWN! :noway:
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    An Amazing Find! 1960 Gibson Les Paul Burst!

    Sorry for your loss, your grandfather had good taste.
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    Post Your Pedal Board Order

    Guitar > cable > amp (4 channel switching pedal).

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