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    Proper bridge break angle for sound?

    Don't have the knowledge neither the equipment to test such thing. Would be very grateful if you could test it and give us the result

    Here's a question.... Razor Blade (CC, etc) vs Murphy Lab

    Real weather checking is the only option. Razor blade is fake, time consuming and looks wrong. That said, the examples I've seen from Murphy lab don't get a nice weather checking pattern as other relicers do. I think they don't have the right nitro formula for it. I don't like at all the work...

    Help with bridge slanting

    If you don't want more relief, I would go with new steel studs, longer or not that deeply screwed, and additional thumbwheels at the bottom. Break angle could be less too if you raise the tailpiece

    Help with bridge slanting

    Did you check the neck relief? The problem may be there. You should not need to get a higher bridge

    Proper bridge break angle for sound?

    I think it may influence the way the string vibrantes, and seems some overtones live there. I read somewhere (Malmsteen I think) that for example a Floyd kills the harmonic response of the headstock, as it locks/cut the connection with the tunners string lenght portion.

    Proper bridge break angle for sound?

    Some say that the lower break angle increases the harmonics, while you get more attack and fundamental with a steeper one. Other say than the pinch harmonics jump easier with a lower one, and the masters of the technic usually string that way, but I've just been trying back and forth, changing...

    Proper bridge break angle for sound?

    After trying top wrapping for a couple of years I've came back to straight through. I was looking for that more harmonic content theory and I'm not sure if I ever noticed a thing, but as I don't trust my ears too much, I kept it. With the last string change I decided to go back to normal...

    Split at the back of the headstock, anything to worry about?

    A headstock break. I have the same one in my les paul for 10 years: No stability or tunning problems, so I havent touched since, but can be glued back together with a syringe and wood glue

    Pickup Painting Experiment

    It's been a while since then. Could you give us an update? How did the paint stand the playing wear?
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    *** 1952 Les Paul - Next Project ***

    I would place 2 P-90s and a neck angle adapted trapeze, leave the holes, and burst it in cherry sunburst. But that's me
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    Dimarzio's in a Les Paul?

    I will never buy anything Dimarzio. Totally against the silly double creams patent, appropriating something they didn't even invent, while gibson is bashed for the play authentic thing. Funny thing is that they use it for manufacturing those too yellow double bobins that look wrong.
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    Double whites crush

    I dont care much for what he's doing in the last 20 years, but his work on appetite and illusions is far beyond brilliant, as well as the iconic and trascending character he built/was
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    Double whites crush

    Being slash the reason to get into guitar and LPs, Billy Duffy is, with Nuno, my all time fav guitarist, and The Cult is my pantheon of greatest bands ever
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    Double whites crush

    I have reversed the bridge pickup so the screw coil gets more vibration. Those are fralin unbuckers, with uneven coil, and I split the screw coil. No volume drop Agree, I prefer whites over those super yellow Dimarzios I have tried the opposite (I would prefer it that way), but to me is the...
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    Double whites crush

    Problem is that Fralin only offers super white double bobbins due to the silly Dimarzio thing, and I'm not sure if they would look as fine as aged/cream

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