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    First gig back

    You always were a classy bird Fezz. :laugh2:
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    John Frusciante is back with the RHCP

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    The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

    Thank you sir. I have been waiting 7 years for that answer. :rofl:
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    What In The Tarnation!!!

    Amazing! :laugh2:
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    “Strange” food combinations you like.

    Buttered weetabix with jam.
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    I'm done riding motorcycles.

    Never out without my jacket, jeans, helmet and gloves. The GF has the same when she's on the back.
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    Who is the most prolific songwriter of music you love?

    Joe Satriani.. 16 albums, 1 song I won't listen to. :)
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    What do you listen to to relax?

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    YouTube Instructional Video Rant

    Yeah I hate that too. I mean it's great people are putting up videos teaching others in their own time but with some tiny tweaks things could be made a whole lot better for the learner. I've been stung by the 2-3 minute monologues at the begging before where I've watched / listened and then got...
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    Slash Living The Dream

    :dude: Just listed to the track, have to say it's forgettable but likeable for me at the moment, definitely different. Can't see an album from Slash and Co. disappointing. Looking forward to the release!!
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    Any other "black" amp users notice

    I play so loud the dust shakes off.
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    Stones @ Cardiff

    Hey all, been a while since I posted on here! I still visit!! :) Saw the Stones at Cardiff on Friday night. 3rd time I've seen them, such a great show again.. they had a mishap with either a broken string or wrong tuning at the start of Satisfaction but other than that it was all smooth. Took...
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    Congrats on the 25k Rob, have enjoyed reading your posts over the years. I don't get here as often as I used to anymore but I still enjoy your posts when I come across them. Here's to another 25k dude!

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