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    I've never understood that, just dump the pet. Like (s)he can help it, and doesn't feel sad about the death either. Beautiful kitty by the way :) Keep up the care for the furface!
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    Well... At my place this means 3-2-1-... Ready To Rumble! Sometimes Tigger jumps on the couch where Pipo resides and starts washing him, but invariably this ends with one whacking the other and the ensuing fight. If they are bonding over it, awesummy :) These days I have a new job that...
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    Latest update from the Tiger front: I went to the vet for checkups and he passed them gloriously. He's finally pill-free since.... I dunno when. Now he tries to tell me copious amounts of snacks are good to get him back on his feet. He did get more active and even starts batting around the...
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    New Cat name poll......

    He's cute Jeff :) Many happy days with him and not much of the bad (but inevitable) ones :)
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    I use a TC Electronic Nova Systems in the effect loop and I am quite happy with that.
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    Last Wednesday was the day; El Tigre Grande had his appointment with the vet. There were some complications I was told at noon as the thyroid was knobbly and veins had grown over/through/whatever it so there were more bleeders than he expected, but in the end he made it. At 5:15 I could take...
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    Advice on a Michael Schenker Flying V

    Get a white and a black pickguard and cut it up. That's what my luthier did.
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    New Kitteh Day!

    And I Shall Call Him MINI ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *Send in the clones*
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    '79 Explorer Custom

    Beaut-aayyyy!!!!! Congrats, and if you tire of it you can send it to me :)
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    New Kitteh Day!

    Congrats River :) You're the same sucker as I am. Any pet is welcome :) He looks cute, and he will love the home and the girls to fight with.
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    I think the new meds are slowly kicking in as Tiger seems a little more alive. The evidence is in getting to my bedside even earlier *groan* to beg for snacks, and his ability to suddenly notice a pill in the snacks! Ehhhhh...... Wait!..... What!??!! That's not what's supposed to happen! Maybe a...
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    Luthier vs High end Gibson

    These days I rather pay the money to a luthier for various reasons. a. I get an instrument per my instructions and definitions. b. it will help the local economy. c. it might even be cheaper.
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    Just come back from another visit to the vet to talk about my suspicions. She agrees that it may attribute to the pain, but it is not the cause of it. As Tiger is the thyroid kitty and he doubled in weight since I got him (from 2.3 kg to 4.5) he is finally eligible for an operation to make...
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    I've said it before that my friends came from an abusive household and today that impression got even stronger. I brought Tiger to the vet for his yearly inoculation shots and the vet noticed his back isn't exactly okay. So she asked me whether he was a climber or not? How active is he? Etc...
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    The rule of cat

    Don't get me wrong, the men have dry-food ready for the munching. It's just that one of them has a hyperthyroid condition and thus needs to be fed two pills a day. I do that by hiding the pill in a little piece of Gourmet and he gobbles it up (hardly) without fail. If I miss one pill in like 3...

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