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    Reissue's VS Heritage.....

    When are you selling it to me? :)
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    Are the tops of Epiphone LP Customs still a decal?

    Definitely not a decal. If you've ever stripped one, you'd know that there is a color coat on the wood and clear over the top of that.
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    I have a nice 2019 R8 in Cherry Sunburst. $3400 shipped in the CONUS.
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    WTB: 1999-2007 R7 or R8 with beefy neck.

    Too bad mine is cherry burst. The price would be right.
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    2000 R7 Specs

    Hey all, I can't seem to find a detailed spec list of a 2000 R7 Gold Top. I am 99.9 percent sure that I know what all of the specs are but it is always good to know for sure. Does anyone have a spec list from 2000? Thanks!
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    SOLD!!!: 2008 Gibson Les Paul R8 VOS Plain Top

    PM'd you. Make me first in line please.
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    Could Chibsons Ever Become Undetectable?

    No. They are making a cheap product for a cash grab. They wouldn't be profitable if they made a Gibson USA quality product.
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    2001 Gibson Les Paul R8 sold

    If I wasn't just $250 short, I would be all over it. Sigh. GLWTS!
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    FSOT: 1972 Gibson SG Pro! Rare!

    Here is HardCore commenting on Norlin FS threads lowballing prices... Again. I realize this is an old outdated thread but I have seen this over and over again for years. The days are over in which you could buy Norlin's for peanuts. Sorry dude, just gets old.
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    FS: Cheapest on the net... Heritage Artisan Aged H-150

    I'm sorry man, it sold shortly after my last post. Thanks for your interest though!
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    FS: Cheapest on the net... Heritage Artisan Aged H-150

    It looks like it may be gone very soon.
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    FS: Cheapest on the net... Heritage Artisan Aged H-150

    Hey all, Sadly, I am tossing my amazing Artisan Aged H-150 up on the block. As you all know, it's been a rough year. Making sure my family has a nice Christmas has left me in the hole financially and selling this beauty will help dig me out. With that being said, this is a stellar guitar...
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    This one’s gone!

    Still here? I have a buddy looking for an H-157.

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