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    79 gold top Crazy Train solo

    I really wasn’t sure. They are dated 1978 on the back. It had a Burstbucker alnico v when I got it. The original pickup was included with purchase. I’m glad I put it back to original.
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    79 gold top Crazy Train solo

    Are they T tops or Tim Shaws?
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    79 gold top Crazy Train solo

    I quadruple tracked the Crazy Train solo with my 79 Goldtop on a backing track with the original solo deleted. I love these stock pickups!!! I got the backing track from OrangeGoblin.
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    1952 Gibson LP Gold Top - To Restore or To Convert?

    I’d put T tops in it and play it for a while.
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    Guitars with tiddies... Still hot?

    Only worth it if you play it in church band
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    Your top three tips for beginner guitarists

    1. Learn all pentatonic caged shapes 2. Learn a picking strategy that doesn’t limit string changes. 3. Jam along with blues standards to develop ear.
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    2 faced bitches

    This pleases me
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    A Stratocaster?

    What it is Uh Huh
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    Larger Frets? - Jescar Stainless 57110

    I had larger Stainless frets installed on my norlin. I would do it again. Easier bends, legato runs, and they still look new with no evidence of ware.
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    Your oldest pedal?

    Thomas organ wah. I love it.
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    Post a picture of your pet(s)

    Pick tures
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    My wife got me a SWEET guitar!

    What brand is that, diabetes? Model type 2
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    1974 Les Paul Custom Fretless wonder

    I had Sweetwater refret and plek my 79 Goldtop with 6150 stainless. It was about 400 dollars. It is not the same guitar, in a good way. I wouldn’t do it if you are not going to hang on to it though.
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    Please bail me out guys...


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