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    Gibson Professional 335 S Deluxe

    I have one; wide flat neck, dirty fingers pick ups, belly cut and the coil tap which adds tonal options. Its a great guitar- looks just like this one.....
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    middle aged or older guys that still gig

    With you there! No more Les Pauls and JCM 800 for me; my Matrix vb800 power amp and a Strat works just fine.....
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    My 'new' 1980 335-s; all original with Dirty Fingers pickups. Wide flat neck, very versatile, comfortable on the strap. In virtually mint condition! I have owned one previously but it had been messed around with. I will gig this beauty!
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    New for 2017 Dash Gibson Solid body

    Just what I was thinking; that headstock looks great!
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    New Gibson Solidbody Model

    I like the shape, but I think they should have put an explorer headstock on it to complement the upper horn.
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    advice on a possible fake gibson les paul custom?

    Yes - the Gibson logo on the headstock is a dead giveaway.
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    Solid State Amps You Would (gulp) Recommend

    Is that a Marc Bolan LP? Nice!
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    Solid State Amps You Would (gulp) Recommend

    I can tell you that the 200 watt maxwatt head is f*cking awesome, my friend.
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    Solid State Amps You Would (gulp) Recommend

    The Award-Session BluesBaby is a fantastic SS amp; I also use a VB800 power amp and I can honestly say I don't miss valves - my spine certainly doesn't!
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    Fender over Gibson?

    Don't you have pissed drinkers in your bars, then?
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    Which SS amp came closest to sounding like a tube amp?

    Marshall Master Reverb 30. But the new ss Blackstars sound good too.
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    Fender over Gibson?

    For gigging in pubs and clubs, it has to be my Fenders; the headstocks don't snap when someone knocks them over!
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    Sippin' some bourbon

    My current bourbon of choice; it is gorgeous!
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    This amp could be a real game-changer

    Been using the Matrix for 18 months, on indoor and outdoor stages; it delivers the goods.