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    The MIJ Classifieds: please read the rules before posting...

    I am looking for some help. I have been searching for an MIJ SG guitar, that has the pickup selector on the upper horn. I have seen them twice online but never for sale. I am obviously not sure of the manufacturer, thinking it was a Greco. I have search high and low and not found a Greco with...
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    Duane Allman 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Up for Sale

    Hey man! Doing ok, just not on this board too much lately! Hope you are feeling great brother.
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    Duane Allman 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Up for Sale

    This was his same first post on another forum as well.
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    FS~Mooer Marshall Pre-Amp pedal

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    Holy SH!T, Bulletproof is BACK!

    Awesome news...means I will be getting a LIKE very soon! Glad you are back brother!
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    FS~Mooer Marshall Pre-Amp pedal

    This is a decent little Marshall Pre-Amp pedal. It can be played in front of an amp, or into FOH/PA. It has a speaker simulator which makes it pretty versatile. It is in great condition, it has one tiny little chip in the paint that I could not get focused in the picture, but that certainly...
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    Anyone had some long term expereince with the Moderne?

    I know it is not everyone's guitar to look at, and as much as I appreciate opinions, I am not looking for thoughts on how they look. I have an opportunity on one, but not with the guitar in person. I have pretty small/medium hands and my question is regarding access to the upper frets? Would it...
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    WTB: Atomic AmplifireBox...

    Title says it all....I have some gear and parts to offer, or straight cash. Thanks Nick
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    Bulletproof says hi

    Thanks for the news, get well brother!
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    NGD Sorta

    Yes, more pictures and which pickups are in there?????
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    Looking for Help Re: Windy City Guitar

    No argument. I notified Alex as I figured I should. He asked me some questions in a PM, I answered. He put it into a thread about WCG. I spoke with a local lawyer. He informed me of the law. This was resolved outside of MLP.
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    yep- its 1959 time

    The grain on the back looks wonderful.
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    Looking for Help Re: Windy City Guitarp

    This is like groundhog day.....
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    Looking for some help Re: Windy City Guitars

    Well, with the help of no less than 3 members here, this issue was fully resolved in December. Game over, done. Jim has some issues and he needs to deal with them. I would not recommend anyone using him for anything guitar related, and I am glad it is over.