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    Lifetime warranty really??

    I've had relative good experiences with the Gibson warranty. My tone knobs cracked. Gibson sent free replacements. One of the locking tuning keys got wonky. They sent me a free replacement. Malfunctioning output jack would likely be an incredibly easy fix, much easier than shipping the...
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    NGD: 2016 Standard

    I bet if you swapped electronics between the two, you'd not notice much of a difference, if any.
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    LP Traditional: How variable is the neck profile?

    Oh absolutley, the Gibson 60s neck is always a touch flattened, in my experience. Love it!
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    Traditional Pro Models - 2010...

    I'll try it!
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    Traditional Pro Models - 2010...

    Right up my alley! Here's my 2010 Traditional Pro. I bought it new for under $1400 :D - Yes, the sides and back are satin. But I've played it so much that the satin has become glossy. - One of the tuning keys got wonky. Gibson sent me a free replacement. - I gave it a cosmetic overhaul. -...
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    Gibson Les Paul Special Pro EX !

    Nice! Got a pic?
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    LP Traditional: How variable is the neck profile?

    I own a Traditional Pro 2010. It has a 60s Slim neck profile. I also own a Special Pro with the same profile. The necks feel identical, and they are by far my favorite guitar neck. They're a touch flattened, if that makes sense. An absolute pleasure to play..
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    Another "Should I Buy This" Thread ~ 2016 Studio

    I have a Les Paul with 57 Classic + BB3 combo, and another Les Paul with BB Pro's. Honestly, I prefer the BB Pro's. I find that they play more nicely with various amps as compared to the 57 Classic and BB3. Then again, they all sound freaking fantastic overall.
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    Gibson Les Paul Special Pro EX !

    Man, I tell ya! I've been playing my Trad Pro this week (which cost twice as much as the Special Pro), but I have to admit I prefer the Special Pro. It sounds sweeter, and it's just so unassuming. It's like, here's a plank of wood with strings, now play :D
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    Gibson Les Paul Special Pro EX !

    I recently picked this up from Guitar Center on sale. I have a 2009 Trad Pro I, which I love, but I really liked the idea of an unassuming, unadorned, simple Special. I can get along only with 60s Gibson necks and I love neck binding, so this guitar automatically fit the bill. The fit and...
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    Before prices went crazy . . .

    There's this thing called inflation...
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    Will the 2016's be a return to form?

    Let's stop with the whole idea that this is a Gibson master plan or conspiracy. The simple truth is that Henry wants to be Steve jobs. Jobs made executive decisions like this. He killed the floppy disk, instituted USB, killed the serial port, all without waiting for the market to catch up...
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    2015 Les Paul standard gold pearl

    sweet jesus, $3k?!
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    2015 Discounting Has Begun

    As a business professional, yes, you're spot on! Free markets are like unforgiving biospheres: the environment itself is what shapes the products, because if a product isn't selling, it very quickly dies out. The market shaped the $2k Gibson Les Paul Standard (list price), with pretty much...

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