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    FS: Duncan Slash set zebra, Wolfetone Marshallhead MKII zebra set

    Duncan Slash model Zebra humbucker set, near new with long leads $185 firm pp delivered in US Wolfetone Marshallhead MKII zebra (black on screw coils) slightly vintage hot in voicing... to approximate an early 60's PAF $185 firm pp delivered in US Lollar soapbar P-90 9.5k, so it's...
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    Bobby D. being depleted of Diniros

    Tough break. maybe he should go back and watch his own movies like Goodfellas and Casino where he can learn valuable life lessons like "don't tell nobody nuthin" and not to show off your money. The good thing is because he'll need the dough, we may get to see some cool...
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    FS: 2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional clean w/ohsc SOLD

    2017 Gibson Les Paul Traditional, very clean with no dings. Lemon Antique Burst. 57 classic + and classic humbuckers slightly fuller 50's profile neck, vintage style nylon nut, 9 lbs, 6 oz, Plays and sounds nice with nice action. Body has some interesting figuring in spots. Comes with...
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    Wolfetone Legend Humbucker set zebra, mint SOLD

    Near new Wolfetone Legend set, both zebra (black on screw coils) Vintage style cloth wire with braided shield (original length approx 12" or so) super clean with no nicks or scratches. I ended up selling the guitar these were paired with however they did sound very nice. Cool vintage tone with...
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    please delete

    Sorry, no.
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    please delete

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    please delete

    sold locally
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    Changing out Hardware

    I grabbed a hardware set off a recent 2021 standard from stratosphere... It doesn't look like they have any at the moment, but it was reasonable and the saddles were cut nicely... The swap took 10-15 minutes...
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    Bacchus Korina V shots

    thanks... :) I did not take the calipers to it, but closer to a Gibson 60's (slimmer) profile rather than a 50's.
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    Bacchus Korina V shots

    Hi all, here are some shots of the Bacchus Korina V that I got from Wulf... Guitar arrived in great shape. (shipped on sat, arrived wed in NH) super clean, well packed. plays nice, very nice craftsmanship (nut, fret edges, wood matching) . weight 6 lbs and 1/2 oz. I will be adding...
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    How does this happen? Uneven 'wings'

    Is that a Gibson? That number and made in usa almost looks etched rather than stamped.
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    NGD: 2021 LP Junior

    Cool axe. I’ve been eyeing those. Have an sg jr and lp special in the same series all winners.
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    how to get the right rust on some screws

    Hi. Definitely go with nickel not stainless. Sideburns method wil work nice. Although the strat screws might be a little big to do all six in a cap. Maybe in a small Tupperware container with vinegar (open) inside a larger closed one work.
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    FS: Guitar Mill Ash 60's style relic strat SOLD

    Relic 60's strat reissue sold, thanks
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    FS: 2018 Nash Esquire E-63 Blonde clean w/case sold delete

    sold elsewhere :)

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