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    Lanois rig rundown

    My intention was to show some respect to the guy but when I re-read my comment, it sounded kinda negative. It wasn't meant to be. Pretty sweet tone he got there...
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    Lanois rig rundown

    And no back up guitars ? Even for playing in front of 5 people, I would bring a backup guitar just in case, lol. I understand he has his steel one but still...
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    The Hollies - Burst Content

    Just put a "w" before "atch" at the link...
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    2011 MIM Fender FSR Telecaster with mid boost $300

    8 out of 19 is not a good rating for your own guitar, man, lol GLWTS!
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    This 54 reissue Les Paul Custom arrived today

    I had the same experience. I have an R8, which I totally love and it sounds amazing. Everybody complemented on my tone when I played it live (bear in mind, I never played the R4 BB live) but the R4 resonates so much stronger and gets me "excited" I guess ? I completely "feel" that guitar. I...
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    Recording problem: MacBook Retina + iRig

    Thanks a lot rabidhamster! I just unchecked the "use ambient noise reduction" under system preferences and it works now!
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    Les Paul Custom 1954 historic reissue value?

    $2500-3000 is typically how much they go for, maybe a little bit over 3K if it is pristine. Not sure how much they go for in Canada though. They are very scarce and when one shows up, it usually sells super fast. I have been after one for the longest time myself (and finally got one!), that's...
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    Recording problem: MacBook Retina + iRig

    iRig was supposed to work with MB Pros as well but it just doesn't work with mine.
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    Recording problem: MacBook Retina + iRig

    I have been using macs for about 10 years now and this is the first time I am having an issue of this kind. Are you sure about Cherub not being compatible ? Coz I tried the same thing with iRig (chinese knock off) and had the same problem... Don't know what to do, maybe a DI box or a USB...
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    Recording problem: MacBook Retina + iRig

    Hi Guys, I am trying to connect my guitar into my computer and record my music but am having some trouble with it. My problem is that no matter what I do, while recording, my sound level keeps fluctuating. I start recording and the sound level is good. Then, the volume drops, and comes back up...
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    FS: Crate Vintage Club 50 watt 2X12 Combo

    I've used one for years. Amazing amps. Cleans are so good on these babies you wouldn't believe. OD channel is quite Marshall-esque. The guy who designed vc series now does boutique amps. Only if they weren't heavy as a dead body.
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    Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul Custom One Pickup

    Besides some vintage guitars, this is probably the sexiest guitar for sale under classifieds right now. Free bump for ya, bro. Wish you could keep it.
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    Help! 1993 Gibson '54 Custom Long or Short Tenon?

    On a different note, a decent '54 LPC reissue is a joy to play and a serious monster, and I am not talking about the tone only. I have a super clean 2001 one and every time I play it, it makes me go out of control with it and it sounds huge. More balls to the wall than humbuckers. The only...
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    Help! 1993 Gibson '54 Custom Long or Short Tenon?

    Don't think it is a '54 prehistoric. Neck pocket looks like it's been drilled for a P90 originally then somebody did a messy job installing a staple there. Also, from the serial, I would think it is a 97, not a 93, no ?

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