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    Need suggestions for a decent drum machine

    I use EZDrummer 2. It's expandable with midi and drum kits. They also have some killer deals on their stuff during the holidays.
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    Laney LFR-212

    I have a Laney 2x12 cab I bought years ago, and I don't ever see myself getting rid of it. I did replace the stock speakers, and it sounds even better (at least to me). I've owned several other 2x12s, but it's definitely my favorite.
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    Good Free Plugins

    Just hit the "free" tab.
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    All hail the mighty...and wonderful...

    Those things are ridiculously handy.
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    Fractal Audio Axe Fx III MK II Announced

    Does that dude ever sleep?
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    Home Recording

    You should be able to get Garage Band for free. It's an app you can download from iTunes. I don't own a Mac, but Garage Band is supposed to be decent, so it would probably work for what you want to use it for.
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    Wrist Picking

    I haven't watched this video, but I've seen other videos Troy has done, so this could be helpful to you.
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    Tube amp snobbery, modellers and DIY speaker ideas...

    @mdubya uses some Presonus monitors with an AX8 iirc, and they sound pretty good. Might be worth looking into if monitors like that aren't ridiculously priced where you're at.
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    June 2020 BTOTM

    Better late than never... Sorry I was slacking this month.
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    I may have to buy a Pod Go

    Interesting take on Helix vs Pod Go.
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    FS Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod

    Not really.
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    FS Charvel San Dimas Pro Mod

    Friday make an offer bump.
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    @matthew bear I don't blame you. I've had the XL+ for 4 years now, and haven't seriously looked at anything else until the FM3 was announced, and I saw how compact it was. HX Stomp would be my other choice, but FM3 feels like a no brainer for the features and price point.
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    If I didn't like Fractal so much, I'd honestly go with a Helix. This will be downsizing for me, as it'll free up a ton of space in my super crowded room. I'm sure my XL+ will garner some interest from someone.
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    Fractal FM3 announced (AX8 replacement/improvement)

    I hope not. Then I just have to figure out what to do with the XL+

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