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    R9 Upgrade with Vintage Parts (pic heavy)

    Cool! How does it compare to the faber abr-1 you were using before? Were you still able to get a perfect setup with saddles notched for another guitar?
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    PSA: NOS Centralab Potentiometers

    Hey, thanks a lot! I went back at the guitar and was able to install star washers underneath each pot (with some struggle I must admit). Now the knobs are sitting much better. The bridge volume was definitely the highest, but wasn't able to install a nut underneath, so I went with two star washers.
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    PSA: NOS Centralab Potentiometers

    Can I ask you something that might sound a little weird? How are your knobs sitting after installing the centralab pots? Would you be able to post a picture? I'm asking this because I've recently installed some nos centralab pots in my les paul and knobs are sitting higher compared to the...
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    *** 1950's ABR1 Saddles ***

    Let me jump on this thread to congratulate with @RandK for the amazing R&D work he is doing. In case these became available I'm also very interested. Also just a heads up that nickel plating can be achieved very easily at home with common household items. I've personally tested the method...
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    60th Anniversary 1960 Max M2M - NGD!

    Thanks for the reply! She's really a beauty! I've also noticed that color changes quite a lot with lighting and angle. Sometimes it looks almost like a faded ice tea burst sometimes it looks a like a very vivid cherry burst. I've never seen it in person unfortunately, but from the pictures i...
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    60th Anniversary 1960 Max M2M - NGD!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and beautiful guitar! I'm also looking at 60th anniversary 1960 reissues and I have a couple of questions on yours. Is the finish of your guitar called "antiquity burst"? Then you said that the neck is slimmer than you are used to. Would you say it is...
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    How come nobody makes a “correct” ABR?

    I've also been on the quest for the perfect abr-1 and eventually settled on a Faber bridge for convenience. I've considered spending the money for a vintage late 50s abr-1, but the reality is these bridges are coming off 60 years old guitars. Even the best ones (i.e. in good conditions) have...
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    What is the PAF sound?

    Actually, that's also what he states on the Throbak website for magnets description: A2 long / Scooped mids, chimey highs, warm sweet tones, loose feel. A2 short / Scooped mids, spankier tone than long A2. A3 long / Very weak, nice clarity for use in...
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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    It looks even better in the daylight pictures. It's an amazing guitar. Enjoy her!
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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    Man, it looks SO GOOOD!!! I can only imagine how impatient you'll be to pick it up! As soon as it happens we want detailed pictures and maybe a sound sample :)
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    THE carve!

    This is the carve on my les paul, which is undergoing a full makeover from Florian Jaeger.
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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    You really are at the finishing line! I guess that seeing the end of the makeover must be an amazing moment! :cheers2: I think you'll be missing the updates though. It's easy to develop an addiction for Florian's early morning emails! I will also be picking the guitar up in person when it is...
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    CC#16 Historic Makeover by Jaeger Guitars

    @LesPauli: Fretboard work looks amazing! Any news on the aging? I can only imagine how impatient you are at the moment! Tension has starting to build-up on my side too and my guitar isn't ready for finishing yet :)
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    R9 Upgrade with Vintage Parts (pic heavy)

    I'm curious now, were you able to measure the values of the centralab pots? Nowadays you see a lot of them that have drifted in the 600-700k range. So that might contribute to the effect you have experienced.
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    CC#1 Historic Makeovers Greeny Conversion

    Congrats! Normally I'm not a fan o Greeny's replicas (to me they always look off) but yours is stellar! Selection of parts is impeccable too!. I've also purchased a full set of vintage haven parts for my les paul (which is undergoing a full-makeover by Florian Jaeger) and Steve it's absolutely...

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