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    PSA, New in Box 2009 R0

    I know. Just think, someone bought this and just left it to sit. What? Why? Apparently the same guy traded in TWO NIB Fender DRRI in a special blue finish with Celestion Blue speakers also. I wonder what other gems he's got stashed. Neil
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    PSA, New in Box 2009 R0

    This isn't mine but I thought I'd put this put there. I have great lust but this isn't something I can pull the trigger on. But wow, still with the OE box and all the case candy. I'm a sucker for that finish too. The price seems more or less fair too...
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    Tweed Speaker Shootout

    Your second clip with the 5E3 and Tele sounds sooooo familiar. SS amp and A12Q, thats the sound. The 12A125A is the Weber I was referring to. I had one years ago, never broke it in and it wasn't for a 5E3, never liked it. Later I did like it with a Li'l Dawg 5E3. I have no...
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    Tweed Speaker Shootout

    I was a very early adopter of the Speed Shop A12Q. I also own two 1960 P12Q's. Ron's A12 is 99.9% there. Blindfold test? I don't think you could tell them apart. It's a very true sound for the amp I think. I had a Weber A12125A ( I just blanked out on the name but you know the one) in a...
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    Epi 1960 Tribute w/Dr V's and more

    And a re-bump
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    Epi 1960 Tribute w/Dr V's and more

    New Years Eve bump
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    Epi 1960 Tribute w/Dr V's and more

    I'm looking to move this guitar. The V's and Emerson were great additions. I'm just more of a SC and Fender guy. This is the long tenon, maple cap version. Locking Grovers. I am not Upfront Guitars, but it is my guitar Neil...
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    Some guys dream guitar is a Burst, this is mine... ('54 LP)

    Just curious as to who the dealer in CT is, I'm in CT as well. I own an R4 from 2002 so we share a wee bit of DNA. Thanks Neil
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    Update on my rig - SG + Avatar 45 = Awesome!

    P90's are just the best. I have an R4. I have a JR. I have a LP with HB's, Wolfetone Dr V. and Emerson harness/cap. As good as that LP sounds the P90's just kill it IMO. Through a SS 5E3, Emery Superbaby and a Fender CVR. You're gonna love the P90's. This is what HB's try to sound...
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    Sanford Magnetics P90's (PICS) just in!!!

    I have a 9022 in a JR of mine. It followed a Dave Allen that was also nice, just different as it was an A5 mag pickup. I really like the A2 P90 sound. I have an A2 Wolfetone in my R4. The 9022 does everything I want and the USA to Canada dollar makes buying pickups to test very ea$y...
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    New harness installed. What a difference!

    Yes the tone pots are/were Alpha. The first T+ I bought had a bad Alpha, also a cracked neck!!! I sent that one back. The replacement I have now was such a bitch to solder the DrV's into I removed the pots to do it. The neck tone Alpha HATED having the knob slowly nd carefully removed...
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    What I am looking for in a P-90

    That video is a favorite of mine also. I wonder which amp he is playing. Sounds Fender to me. BTW many P90's and yes even HB's can sound this good if you turn the amp UP and the guitar down. Pickups on 6 for instance just have such a natural "wooden" sound they don't have when they're on...
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    What I am looking for in a P-90

    I've has several P90's in my R4. Stock are very good, Sheptones sounded just like Gibsons. I now have a -5% neck Lollar and an A2 Wofltone bridge. After a recent swap of parts on a HB LP try this first, swap the pots and caps. I went with a complete Emerson kit from Quality guitars and...

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