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    Changing it up a bit: 50’s Standard Tobacco Burst

    Not for me personally, I love the cream plastics and gold top hats as it was.
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    How many pounds would you consider *heavy* for a stratocaster?

    I don't like a Strat to be over 7.5lb personally. The half a pound between that and 8lb is really noticeable IMO.
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    Is this really a 1993 Stratocaster? Please help.

    Looks perfectly fine to me. Not sure on the case though, is it original? When did Fender stop the moulded cases?
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    Opinion on this Fiesta Red 1987 Strat ?

    That American Standard is over a grand! A lot of money for that IMO. Plenty of used AM Stds available for a lot less. You can buy the modern version (American Pro) for the same price as that second hand Standard.
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    My little girls rocking out.

    That was a great. I am a big Clash fan and those girls did the song proud!
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    Quality of the Juniors and Specials compared to Les Paul Standard

    Prompted by your post I did just have a look at the original collection, they look lovely and at £1300 that is not too far short of a Standard over here so obviously a high quality model. TBH I was referring to the run of the mill older models, especially the faded versions. I'd love a DC...
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    Quality of the Juniors and Specials compared to Les Paul Standard

    I don't think the ordinary Specials and Juniors are quite the same quality as Standards. Most Standards are one or maybe two piece bodies whereas the Juniors/Specials are often three piece. Of course the binding on Standards does tend to make those models look far more expensive but although I...
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    For The Love of Flame...

    '04 LP Standard Plus in vintage sunburst.
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    fender vintera

    Love that new Seafoam. They have certainly brought out some nice colours with the Vintera range.
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    fender vintera

    Not a fan so far. The new Vintera line replaces the old Classic and Classic players series (great guitars) for something almost identical for quite a bit more money.
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    NGD: American Special Strat in Sonic Blue

    I love a bit of sonic!
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    Best lp flametop you ever laid eyes on?

    I think my '04 Standard + is pretty nice....
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    NGD: 2019 "Original Collection" Les Paul Junior • Finally a Legit Jr!

    Nice to see a "proper" Junior. Yours looks lovely.
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    Post your Juniors

    Love a Junior! My 2009.
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    Jack the Ripper Identified?

    Thanks @OHIOSTEVE. The pic is in memorium my old Bull Terrier Deana who sadly passed away. Here is my current girl Dottie.

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