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    Adding a neck pickup to my Custom built Junior

    Leave it...its gorgeous as it is
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    Scale length on replacement neck is to spec!

    I bought a tele control plate from true custom shop on ebay..its nice and thick (mounts flush with my 3-ply pickguard)
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    Well to follow up on my order...finally got around to finishing the guitar build and wiring in the harness...there was a big glob of solder on the switch and i didnt notice at first but when i clicked into the 3rd position it pulled the switch i had to go buy a new one also had a...
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    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    Partscaster that ive been working on... I bought an unfinished white ash body (then i added contours and finished it) SD Seth Lover and Broadcaster PUPs Kluson nickel plated brass hardware Creamtone Blend Wiring Harness Fender 51 Fat U replacement neck Weighs about 8.5lbs
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    Purchase or Pass?

    I feel like the price is a bit high for how much wear that it has...offer $600 (assuming u are in usa) if u are in now
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    New tuners slightly too wide

    I need to do make holes larger for usa pots replacing import pots in an epiphone lp junior...but i was just going to carefully use a round file...not a good idea?
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    Aldo Nova Les Paul - a LP with an Explorer headstock

    Winslett to DiCaprio "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board" ...Wait maybe im getting my movies mixed up
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    What model is this guitar, and is it legit?

    The min-e-tune could have been replaced with normal tuners since there are alot of folks who despise its very existence ... but if gibson told u what model it is there shouldn't be a reason to doubt it Truss rod covers, knob pointers and pick guards are things easily added/removed/replaced...
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    Aldo Nova Les Paul - a LP with an Explorer headstock

    Ahh the ' we miss ye
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    Les Paul Junior Special - 50s neck?

    Yea i just got a 2020 epi jr in a trade...nice fat neck
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    Anyone ordered from Creamtone in the last week?

    Well i was supposed to get the harness today...but Canada Post decided to send it across the country maybe next week now I got all my other parts from L&M last the harness is the last piece to finish the build
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    5e3 cabinet...hardware?

    I have a mission amps cab for my 5e3 trinity amp and this is how they did it...
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    talk to me about radius

    Arent the graphtech tusq xl's 9.5?

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