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    Should I or shouldn’t I???

    If that Fender is a lively and inspiring guitar, I’d say helllll no. The right strat u already have is tough to let go of.
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    The Boss Katana is........excellent.

    Monster amp man!!! I guess Boss offers the Waza speaker separately now too...I might try it out. how you liking this amp compared to many of the lower wattage tube offerings? I like them all myself, but to get great full tone at .5 watts, or have my drummer look at me like I’m crazy in 100...
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    The Boss Katana is........excellent.

    And that Gretsch!!!! Argh I love it!!! Which model!? On my roster wish list at some point! Yup. I need great clean tones too with the band I’m trying to get up and cookin. A lot of 60’s old rock stuff, Bobby Fuller, Surf stuff.... I’m definitely going to end up getting the foot switch. To boot...
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    Boss Katana 50(mk1) or Fender Champion 50XL or anything else, not using the onboard effects?

    Congrats!!! I have the 100 MKii and love it!!! I played the 50 MKii at a store the other day and was just impressed with the tone and presence that that little amp has for the size and money. It is so good, and should be able to keep up with a drummer no prob if you need it. I like the cleans a...
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    The Boss Katana is........excellent.

    So after reading through all the mega-threads over the last couple years, wanting to believe the hype and/or disprove the hype...I pulled the trigger on a MKii 100 1x12 combo this April. Really took a lot of time to get a handle on what it does, how it does it, all that. The sounds within each...
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    50/60's les paul

    50’s only.
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    50s/60s Gibson Standards ... thoughts?

    I have a 60’s Bourbon Burst and the guitar is addictive. 10 months in.
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    NAD: Whacky Amp for Les Pauls

    Congrats!!! This amp is a blast to play through!!
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    Boss Katana 50 || mkii vs mki?

    That dude is the Debbie Downer of gear reviewer. If if doesn’t nail the Yngwie thing, he doesn’t like it, other frustrating setting issues as well. Nice guy, killer player, pretty funny....but eh... There are endless killer demos to be found on YouTube on the Katana per every bad ONE. I have had...
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    2019 50s Standard NGD

    LOVE it!!!
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    Amp recommendations

    I’m on the fence myself over a lower watt tube amp or a Katana for home use. Hmmmmm
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    Who here falls into the "essential" workers that are still working?

    You can get TONS of luxury in GM and RAM trucks.....I think they’re offering 0% for 84 months AND deferred payments, AND cash back?!?! It’s crazy!!
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    Who here falls into the "essential" workers that are still working?

    Yup, in water treatment...we’ll be producing and treating more water than ever.
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    Joyo JTA05 Champ clone

    Thanks for posting!! Great amp!!
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    Joyo JTA05 Champ clone

    Sweet!!! Any bridge-bucket clips?

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