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    Very nice!! Any updates after some time now?
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    Any news of Epi building a ‘58?

    Not that I know of. I personally want a ‘57 Goldtop/dark back so bad!
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    NGD: Epiphone 1959 Les Paul Standard

    Thanks everyone. Ain’t she purty!!! Play chill good off the rack I didn’t do anything too it yet. Might just wait until I break my D string, as I do on all my guitars often…. Then I will restring with my preferred choice and condition and darken up the Fretboard. Great guitar!!
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    Decisions, decisions ...

    I agree!! Sell both and buy a new ‘59!!
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    Amp P$&n Thread….Amps are BEAUTIFUL!!!

    C’mon everyone…amps are exciting to look at!! We are all guilty of hearing with our eyes half the time, and with the sentimental thoughts. We associate the amps that we play through with The bands we grew up listening to and watching on videos. We get excited about new innovative builders that...
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    Incoming NAD - Friedman Pink Taco

    YES!!! Love to hear it!!
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    Sure is!!! Stop holding out!! I can’t believe this guitar still. I added a 59 Reissue Epiphone Les Paul a bit ago that I loooove as well, it’s got this swagger in the high-end and aggressiveness that I really like, awesome full neck too. But the feel and the balance and the tone of this original...
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    NAD: BOSS Nextone Special

    Sweeeet!!! This would be an upgrade to the katana artist, right?
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    Incoming NAD - Friedman Pink Taco

    No way! Are you keeping the PT as well??
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    Bigger amps with great master volumes VS low watt amps

    On the 3534, looks like “volume” is the master volume or “power amp”. “Gain” is the preamp. Volume set low (master volume) and gain set to taste for distortion (preamp distortion) at any volume level, right? Just seems like different label names for same universal functions.
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    New Gibson "Maestro" Pedals

    I have played through the chorus and overdrive, really liked em both.

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