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    Posted in error

    Edited post
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    NGD: 2014 LP Studio

    That's a particularly nice example. I have a 2014 in Red Burst. (see my avatar).
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    How many are a new to Gibson and converted over?

    There's a whole generation in the UK at least who wouldn't touch a Strat because it's seen in this part of the world at least, to be an old mans guitar. With Gibsons far Eastern cousin Epiphone readily available, younger players on a budget seem to go for those, or if they really have to a...
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    Les Paul neck too fragile?

    Richie Blackmore did smash guitars as part of his stage act at one point,(2.40 in the video), but none of them were Fenders. Look closely and you'll see they were all cheap no name Strat copies, the cheapskate. He straps on the real thing to finish the song, lol. :)...
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    Les Paul neck too fragile?

    I'd never heard of those until I read your post. Looks like a great idea. Surprised Fender haven't come up with something like this to eat into the Gibson market a bit more. I suppose they have to respect...
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    My 2016 Les Paul Video

    Very informative video, Thanks for posting!
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    What LP model is this girl playing?

    Yep, looks like an Axcess alright. She's a very good player, and a great looking chick too, but for me her guitar sound leaves something to be desired.
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    What model is this.

    It certainly didn't slow him down, and as usual he played like a demon. :)
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    NGD: 2016 Les Paul Studio Faded Ebony

    Saw that exact model in Dawsons last week. The Black certainly looks great in the Studio Faded T, congrats.
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    What model is this.

    I agree Epis are fantastic guitars for the money, but for someone who used to have record deal, in front of a "Rock", audience, a Gibson (even a fake), looks a whole lot cooler, and 99% of the audience won't know it's a fake anyway. Sad but true. :hmm:
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    What model is this.

    That's nothing like the back of the guitar I saw. The back almost looked like a patch quilt there were that many bits of wood. I'm no expert, but after what's been discussed on here, even I can now that see it's a blatant fake. As I said before, I just hope Pat was aware of this when he bought it.
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    What model is this.

    Well they finally replied to my email, and this is what they said. "That guitar is a bit of a bastardised version of a supreme". I really hope Pat hasn't been duped with this guitar. He's known as a really genuine and nice guy, and a heck of a great player too. Here's a video of him and the...
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    What model is this.

    Whatever it is, it sounded great through his rig. I did notice that the back looked like it was made up of 3-4 pieces, and not all the full length of the body. Some of it didn't even look like Mahogany. Haven't any pics of the back though.
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    What model is this.

    Thanks for the replies everyone. That's very interesting indeed to hear it's likely to be Far Eastern in origin.

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