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    Throbak ´70 / Select T-Top pickup set - Solodallas

    For sale here a set of awesome Throbak pickups. Played and naturally aged. Price is 359€. Please ask fo best shipping rates. The covers are optional and will cost 40€ extra. '70/SELECT, T-Top Replica Guitar Pickup specs.: Neck 7.6K, Bridge 7.8K, short A2 magnets. ThroBak '70/Select pickups were...
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    Iced Tea Standard 60s

    Why do you claim it is a fake? Looks fine to me, but I am no expert. So please let me know!
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    help buying my old man first les paul r9 vs standard?

    Wow, your dad must be a really good dad and he must be happy, to have such a kid!!! On Reverb is a Jimmy Page Les Paul on offer. A bit above your budget, but make an offer. Maybe the seller will accept. Try it...
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    NGD! 2003 R9 Brazilian board

    Hi, I can‘t give you any more details, but the guitar looks really awesome! Compared to my brazilian fretboard yours looks a lighter, so it might be regular rosewood. Enjoy your guitar!!!
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    New nut or file the existing?

    One more thing ...DO NOT BUY CHEAP CHINESE FILES! Don’t! They are crab and never have the same size as the strings. Go for Göldo or Hosco!
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    New nut or file the existing?

    If you hear a „ping“ the slot is too narrow. Just take a proper nut file a go down in the slot till you hit the bottom of the slot. Fix some tape on both sides of the nut to protect fingerboard and headstock. Use the file pointing into the same direction as the strings go. Make sure the slot is...
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    Hung By The Neck Until Dead

    Hanging them to the wall is good for you guitar. The weight of the body pulling down on the neck will keep the neck straight. I use K&M hangers for more the 20 years now and never had any issue with them.
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    Are amps like V8’s?

    The head is better than combo. This one i.e.
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    Are amps like V8’s?

    The Mercury V sounds very good, but unfortunately was still too loud for me. At very low volume the sound was dull and dead.
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    Are amps like V8’s?

    I had the same issue...had! I tried lots of different tubeamps, stock Marshalls from 1W to 50W, Origin, SV20, JMP1, JTM1.....many different boutique amps like Carr Mercury V, Kool, Dr. Z, Two Rock, name it, I checked it. After 3 years of intense search I think (hope) I am done. The best...
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    More Paul...?

    What do you think? Hot or not?
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    Paul Kossoff's 'Stripped Top' 1959 Gibson Les Paul

    I asked myself for years and year how Paul got THAT sound on the All Right Now studio recording and listening very closely with headphones recently, I think I know now. I guess he played it with a Les Paul AND a Strat and mixed them together. What do you think?
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    Yet another "help me decide" thread.

    If you like, you could try these here....
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    2020 Strap Lock Suggestions

    How about a new strap? This one should do the trick.
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    '59 Les Paul Jr or is it?

    The pots and soldering looks brandnew. Definitely not 60 years old.

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